Mary Hugh Skeen 2012 Bachorelette
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Mary Hugh Skeen 2012 BachoreletteName::  Mary Hugh Evans Skeen

Occupation::  I am a retired educator from the Lebanon Special School District.

Connection to Wilson County:: Lebanon has been my home for my entire life.

Kids:: I have two children, Mary Neil and Mark, plus six wonderful grandchildren.

What do you like to do when you have an entire afternoon free? My days are so full that a “free” afternoon is rare, but when that occurs, reading and gardening are my choices.

My most joyful moments in life are with my family and close friends.

What is an ideal date to you? An ideal evening would be laughter, being with very dear friends, music and dancing.

Favorite restaurant? By being a Wilson County girl, of course, the Chop House and Cracker Barrel would be my favorites.

I have so many interests that I would love to experience, but entertaining, cooking, gardening, sewing/knitting, travel and the list goes on…Life is good!

What characteristics do you find most appealing in a man? Integrity, caring, and

Dream vacation:: My dream vacation is a river cruise down the Danube or Rhine River.

Favorite Quote:: I have lots of favorite quotes by which I live, but one is, “To all things, give thanks.”

Accessories: JAMIE Belle Meade Fox Fur, price upon request Dillard’s Earrings, $14 Hair + Make up Aqua Bella

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