New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc is big in town. Once Robert Lipman started importing a certain wine with a catchy name things would never be the same. But, where do we go from here?  We can’t drink the same wine forever. Or can we? Ok Let’s say we do want some variety. Sauv Blanc is one of the greatest food wines ever. There are so many ways to enjoy this native grape to the Loire Valley in France. Described as grassy, grapefruity, acidic, the nose can range from fresh, fruity to ammonia.

My go to wine for salad and seafood for summer lately has been sauv blanc. I love to start a meal with a glass of Sauvignon Blanc as the acidity works well to prepare the saliva glands for food. It literally makes your mouth water! We have a couple of new ones in the shop. That we think are nice options to branch out from your old favorite. These are value wines priced under $15.00.


From Spain, Inurrieta Orchidea is a lovely example.  Highly attractive thanks to its unique blend of aromas combining tropical fruit with citrus and vegetal notes. This is a Sauvignon Blanc that shows daring. It is an outstanding, bright, crystalline yellow-green color. Delicious varietal aromas, in a frank, very complex nose —pineapples, passion fruit, grapefruit and boxwood— reinforced by a tremendously creamy mouth. Tank aging over fine lees for 4 months heightens the sensations of creaminess and smoothness in the mouth.


It’s no secret that many of the World’s best Sauvignon Blancs are from Marlborough, New Zealand. The Secret Coast Sauvignon Blanc 2012 is only secret for now because as soon as you taste it you’ll be telling everyone about it. With the trademark grassiness that New Zealand Sauv Blancs are known for, bright acidity, and the other trademark from New Zealand grapefruit – this is a zesty summer quaff. Plus, there’s a little kiwi in this Kiwi.


Whatever you do decide to enjoy with dinner please enjoy responsibly!




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