Natalie Baenziger 2012 Bachelorette

Natalie Baenziger 2012 BacheloretteName:: Natalie Joy Baenziger

Occupation:: I am the Assistant Manager at The Crystal Couture Store. The “Sparkliest” store in Lebanon.

Connection to Wilson County:: My Parents relocated from Cave City, Kentucky in 1987.

If you had an entire afternoon free, what would you be doing? My LOVE is spending my free afternoons in my kayak floating down the Cumberland River.

Favorite restaurant:  PF Changs is my favorite Restaurant.

Hobbies and interests? Fashion, Sewing, Music, Making Jewelry, Kayaking, Wake boarding, and Camping

What characteristics do you find most appealing in a man? I love a rugged, patient, outdoor kind-of-guy who is able to be comfortable in his own skin, but who still has a sense of his own style.

Fill in the blank.  I am the most TATTOOED one of my friends. 🙂 Lol

Dream Vacation:: My Dream Vacation would have a warm climate with some sort of body of water, plenty of outdoor activities and plenty of night life for entertainment.

What is an ideal date to you? My ideal date??? I am into having fun!! Whether it be at a movie or a new restaurant we read about in the paper or even people watching at the Mall. I am easily entertained by the simple things.

Favorite Quote: A quote ” A girl should be two things Classy and Fabulous” – CoCo Chanel.

Accessories: All Necklaces by Kate Spade, $98; $378; $128 Kate Spade Leopard Shoes, $328 Hair + Make up Asante

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