Jennie Walpole 2012 Bachelorette

Jennie Walpole 2012 BacheloretteName:: Jennie Walpole

Occupation:: I am the Owner/Master Stylist at Asante Salon and Day Spa and an Artistic Advisor with Joico/ISO/Minardi, where I travel the US educating other stylists.

Connection to Wilson County::  I was born and raised in Lebanon. I went to elementary school, high school and beauty school here. Now I am blessed to be a business owner in Lebanon as well.

Kids:: I have two beautiful minis and they are my world!

What do you, yourself, like to do on a day where you have the whole afternoon free?
If I get a free afternoon I am either getting my nails done or I’m laying out at the lake or pool.

What gives you the most joy in life? The simple things God has given me bring me the most joy. Being a mom, making someone feel good about how they look, sharing special moments with people I care about, and laughter.

What is an ideal date to you?
An ideal date for me is one I don’t have to plan!

Favorite restaurant:
My favorite restaurant is J Alexanders in Nashville.

Hobbies & Interests::
I love music, traveling, football, camping, photo shoots, cooking, and any activity that includes my family and friends.

**This question is optional, but feel it would be fun–What is the most bizarre thing that has happened to you on a date.
I was seated at a table with my date and had someone try to take my picture (to bust me) because they didn’t realize I was single.

What characteristics do you find most appealing in a man? The characteristics I find most appealing in a man would be someone who is attentive, honest, goal driven, selfless, respectful with a random sense of humor, a great smile and looks amazing in a suit and tie.

Dream Vacation:: My dream vacation would be on an island with our own private beach, massages, delicious food and beautiful sunsets.

Fill in the blank. You are the __outspoken __one of your friends. (Examples:: wild, mothering, eccentric, adventurous, mature, fun-loving, etc)

Favorite Quote: If you can’t accept me at my worst, you don’t deserve me at my best!-Marilyn Monroe

Accessories:  Kate Spade Necklace, $264 Dillard’s Shoes, $148 Hair + Make up Asante Beauty Boutique

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