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By Angel Kane


Just the other morning I jumped into my car as usual.

As usual, I was running a little late.

In one hand I had some files and in the other, I had my over-sized coffee mug. As I was trying to set my coffee mug into the cup holder, without spilling the contents all over myself, I spilled the contents all over myself! Grrrr!!! It was going to be one of those days for sure!

Finally when I got myself situated, I turned my car on and was surprised to see the gas gauge was all the way to full.

It was definitely one of those clouds parting, sun shining, angels singing moments!

And just like that, the whole tone for my day changed. It’s the little things that can make or break us really.

Apparently, my husband had taken my car that morning to the gym, noticed I was running low on gas and filled the tank. It wasn’t a dozen roses or a surprise trip to New York, it was even better! A full tank of gas I didn’t have to pump myself, in the rain. Oh thank you sweet Jesus!

Just like a thank you note out of the blue from a client or doughnuts on the office kitchen counter for no reason, in this fast, large and loud world,  small, thoughtful displays of affection can make all the difference.

I love seeing the FB posts where someone takes to social media to exclaim that a stranger in line bought their Starbucks for the morning. You would have thought they won the lottery they are so excited.

It happened to me once. I was so shocked I literally didn’t know what to say. But it made my day, and my White Chocolate Mocha never tasted so good.

With my head is spinning lately with politics, terrorists, Zika and GMO’s, nothing seems easy anymore.

And then, I see a young man and his family waiting for a table at Outback. An older couple walk in, there are no seats left for them in which to wait and he and his Dad immediately get up from their seats and insist the couple take them.

And just like that I feel good again.

We can’t save all the world. We won’t fix all the country’s problems. But we can choose to make our small little piece of this earth just a tad better for those we live in it with.

The payoff is greater than the gesture. If you don’t believe me, try it and see.

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