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Enough time has passed that most of us have probably fallen off the diet wagon we so passionately dedicated ourselves to after January 1st. It turns out there’s a doable program right here in Wilson County. President and CEO of Inspire Weight Loss in Mt Juliet Dr. Jason Burchard says it’s not just diet and exercise that hold the key to weight satisfaction. “A hormone imbalance can affect the way that your body regulates your weight and how long you can maintain weight loss.” Burchard continues, “before a patient begins our program we conduct a full blood panel to check all hormone levels.”

Above: Dr. Jason Burchard prepares for his next patient in his busy Mt Juliet office.

Because hormone production diminishes with age, Dr. Burchard believes his weight loss program not only helps patients lose weight but also helps maintain that weight loss. “We’ve all been there. You lose 20
pounds and six months later, it’s back with five more friends. So now you have 25 pounds to lose. It’s frustrating. And it’s a waste of money.”

For that reason, Burchard wanted to create a program that would fit each individual lifestyle. After re-
viewing test results with patients, one of three Inspire certified health coaches work to create a custom
all-inclusive program for individual patients. While every patient is different, each program includes three essential components.

1. What foods help you burn fat more efficiently.
2. Portion control.  Since many of us (me especially) guess at correct portions, we are often doubling or tripling what we should be eating.
3. The timing in which we eat. “Giving the body enough time to get into fat burning mode by balancing intermittent fasting with making sure you are also eating often enough within the right time frame.” Burchard continues, “This keeps your body from going into starvation mode.”

In addition to following a meal plan, patients can also opt to receive prescription HCG shots. HCG signals the body to break up and metabolize its stored fat.

Below: By offering specialty food items that can easily be included in your new meal plan, Inspire Weight Loss makes meeting your weight loss goal a little easier.

According to Burchard, if you’re considering hormone replacement, bioidentical hormones is the way to go. Unlike non-bioidentical hormones (such as birth control pills or synthetic estrogens like Prempro or
Premarin), bioidenticals have the same effect on the body as the ones produced naturally and are much
safer than synthetics. If you’re ready to make your weight loss successful, call Inspire Medical Weight Loss today. They will also work with you to create realistic weight loss goals and devise a plan to achieve them. After starting a natural hormone replacement program, your physician will continually monitor and reevaluate your hormone levels to ensure that they are maintained at their optimum balance for long-lasting health and vitality.

Above: Seeing is believing. Inspired Weight Loss client Steve Bradley shed 40 pounds on the program.

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