By Angel Kane

With Spring Break now over, the writing is on the wall. And as hard as I try to keep my eyes tightly shut, whenever I open them just for a moment, I can see the Year of Madison quickly coming to an end.

The invitations have been picked, the cap and gown ordered and the college registration fee paid. My Pinterest boards are no longer filled with prom dresses or up dos but instead, with dorm room decor and college packing lists.

And these days, whenever Madi gives us a kiss goodbye, Brody and I hug her a little tighter before she walks out the door.

Only to turn around and find Number 2 and Number 3, standing there, ready to impart their own words of wisdom, “Enough already! Let’s get this show on the road.You’ve got two more kids to go!”

Ask either of them and they’ll tell you that Madison has outstayed her welcome by about one year. And so has their weepy mother and forlorn father.

Number 2 and 3 are over making special, last, high school memories or reminiscing about Madison’s firsts. And most definitely they are over discussions about interstate driving, car safety and little blue pills bad people might put in your drink when you aren’t looking.

“She’ll be fine!” are Zoe’s continual comments. “And if not, the good thing is you still have an extra girl. Now, when are we redecorating her room?”

To add insult to injury, they’ve come up with a running list of the ways their life will exponentially improve, once their big sister is gone and we become a family of four.

And while the list is still not done, not by a long shot, it goes something like this….

No chair at the end of a restaurant table. In fact, we’ll always fit into a booth!

No one gets the third seat, way in the back of the van. Apparently, Neill’s knee problems are a direct result of being squished, in that far away seat, for the last 12 years.

No more having to sneak Number 3 into hotel rooms nor sharing a queen bed sandwiched between his two sisters, or worse, kicked to the heel of the bed.

No more car rides with an angry teenager who can’t get over the fact her car came with the responsibility of taking her brother and sister to school. In fact, no more tardies at all, because once again, Dad will be in charge of morning drop off!

No more tag alongs after school waiting for high school tennis practice to be over or the, always uncomfortable, dermatologist waiting room.

No one to eat up the Netflix data package, eat the last slice of pizza or drink the one remaining Gatorade you hid in the back of the refrigerator.

No more sitting without a parent on a plane or roller coaster, praying the 40 year old stranger next to you doesn’t feel the need to strike up an awkward conversation.

And most importantly, window seats for everyone!!

While still not convinced life will be as good as my two little ones have planned, I must say I’ve started a list myself… less laundry, fewer dishes and hot water with every morning shower!

In fact, they might be onto something. When does Fall Semester start?

Angel Kane - Kane & Crowell Family Law Center

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