Heat Up the Summer with Bright Colors


My wife is on me to have a pedicure at a nail salon she frequents. I’ve refused for two years. But now that summer is here, I amStyles & Trends embarrassed with how awful my feet look. Secretly I do wonder if a professional pedicure would be an option. I’m concerned what people will think when a big man walks through the door of a girly salon, and I don’t know what to expect once I arrive there. Is it normal for a dude to get his “toes done?”

Yes, it’s totally acceptable in the current culture for guys to look reasonably manicured. Of course, only professional work will do! Congratulations for taking the brave step toward considering the idea. You will be so glad you did! So many of my close guy friends secretly love going in for their weekly scrub down. I bet you’ll find the process not only relaxing, but a huge ego boost for you when wearing sandals.

I’m a male business professional in Mt. Juliet. I’ve seen a lot of colleagues wearing black with brown. In the 80’s I happen to remember the “rule” was no brown and black together at once. Does this rule still apply and if so, why is everyone breaking it?

The rule no longer applies. Both ladies and gents can mix the two freely. I recommend having some sort of repetition with your accessories though to coordinate it all cohesively, (i.e. belt matches the shoes in coloring), but other than that, no real rules apply.

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