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Wilson Living Magazine - Aesthetician Karen LockelThe secret to being a beautiful bride is simple – healthy skin. Everyone achieves perfection differently. Donna Neely is one local woman who is grateful to the laser. “I am really excited about hair removal treatments on my legs. I have no hair on my underarms and I have not shaved in six months,” raves Neely. Another favorite is Dermaplaning, a type of manual exfoliation. “The aesthetician uses a sterile surgical blade and scrapes dead skin and hair off of my face so it feels like a baby’s bottom,” shares Neely. This method removes the outermost layer of dead skin, leaving the skin smooth, supple and vibrant.

It is important to make maintaining healthy skin a year-round commitment and not wait around for a special occasion. “The best way to promote healthy skin is to protect against sun damage. We recommend medical grade cosmeceuticals such as moisturizers, night creams and sun block for maximum skin care and protection,” says Dr. Ernesto Vazquez, physician at Renaissance Aesthetics in Hermitage. Often, brides-to-be just need a little assistance getting started as they become educated about what the beauty industry has to offer.

Wilson Living Magazine - Dr Ernesto VazquezProcedures can be used as an extra tool to look your best but it is important to start early. “Intense Pulse Light treatments are light treatments that send a single wavelength that is absorbed by the pigment of the skin. These procedures help to even out the skin tone, remove sun damage and permanently reduce hair growth,” educates Dr. Vazquez. They should be started three to six months prior to the wedding.

Chemical peels and microdermabrasian have the potential to create a fresh and youthful appearance. “The chemical peels involve the application of a solution to the skin that results in gentle but complete exfoliation. This can be combined with microdermabrasion and dermaplaning to further mechanically exfoliate the face,” explains Dr. Vazquez. These procedures can be done as close as one week before the wedding.

If you are just looking to put your best face forward in a subtle way, micro peel is for you. “Those that have healthy skin and just want to maintain it may turn to micro peel, or a light chemical peel, that gives the skin a healthy appearance with no downtime,” says Karen Lockel, Aesthetician at Renaissance Aesthetics.

To remove sun damage, wrinkles, leg veins or hair, you may rely on the laser. “It evens out the skin tone, refreshes, renews and helps with texture and fine lines. It gives you a healthy glow for a big event or portrait,” says Lockel. The advanced laser converts light to heat which destroys the hair follicle’s ability to grow back. The cooling tip on the laser or a topical anesthetic can protect your skin and make you feel more comfortable.

Do not feel embarrassed if you undergo a treatment or two. “Many people say they are tired of trying to cover up imperfections and love when they do not have to wear as much makeup. Everyone wants to look natural and still look good,” finds Lockel.

Lebanon born and raised Physician, Dr. Scott Major, says “I was a skeptic due to my personal lifelong fight with acne. I didn’t believe that we could actually cure acne and reverse acne scarring, but Renaissance Aesthetics actually has laser treatments that really work,” raves Major.
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When it comes to choosing products, it is recommended to schedule a consultation with a board-certified physician or aesthetician to learn about your options. There is no one-size-fits-all approach. Telisha Gaines is one local woman who is looking forward to wearing tank tops this summer. “I am noticing in my thirties that women take care of their face but neglect their chest and neck, so I want to prevent that from happening by doing a rejuvenation for my chest and neck,” says Gaines. She found a Jessner chemical peel, every two weeks, to be just what she needs. Her other area of concentration is her hands. “The fractional laser puts collagen back in your hands and helps with the aging process. You will want your hands treated as well, to show your ring off,” feels Gaines.

When it comes to products, the Obagi line is a popular choice. “It is a prescription product line that includes hydroquinone, which is a bleaching agent, and Retin-A. Your skin goes through a little downtime and peeling for a couple of weeks and then new skin is brought to the surface,” explains Lockel. Obagi products has been around for years. “I have gotten the most results and the most compliments on my skin after using Obagi,” testifies Neely. Latisse is also a big hit. “It makes your eyelashes grow longer. It should be used at home nightly but takes sixteen weeks to get the full results,” says Lockel.

Wilson Living Magazine - Dr. Richard PakYou should try new products at least three months prior to the wedding to be sure they are appropriate for you and that you are happy with the results. Remember that it is worthwhile to get to know your skin type and individual skin care needs. With the help of a professional, you will be able to find treatments and products that are sure to have you picture perfect and glowing on your wedding day.

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