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Megan Holtgraewe - Wilson Living MagazineMegan Holtgraewe

The Vintage Wave

For Megan’s hair, Ashlie used Aquage Shine Spray for shine and heat protection, then used a triple barrel curling iron that creates medium waves in the hair. In 2 inch sections Ashlie started at the crown and ran the iron all the way down the hair shaft. To set, Ashlie fi nished off with a spray of Kendra Super Hold hairspray. All the products used can be purchased at Aqua Bella Spa and Hair Studio.

Maleigha Oldham - Wilson Living MagazineMaleigha Oldham

Classic Chic Up-Do

Prom is the perfect occasion to sport an ‘up-do’ but Maleigha’s up-do is a work of art. Master Hair Artist, Jennie Walpole used Minardi Glisten Drops before styling, then set the look with Joico Power spray, followed by a generous amount of Joico Humidity Blocker. All products can be purchased at Asante Salon and Spa. Adding a hair accessory to coordinate with her dress completes Maleigha’s look.

Payton Bush - Wilson Living MagazinePayton Bush

Old Hollywood Sweep with broach

Master Hair Artist, Kim Bush used Joico Kpak Color Therapy Restorative Styling Oil for shine and Joico Power Spray Fast Drying Finishing Spray for hold. To get the style, Kim wrapped sections of Payton’s hair around the outside of a 1 inch curling iron. For added effect, Payton is wearing hair extensions, a specialty of Kim’s. Call for pricing on hair extensions.

All hair accessories and broaches can be purchased at The White Room


Joico Power Spray allows up to seventy two hours to rearrange your hairstyle without losing its fine shine and humidity fighting ability. Get touchable styling with this hairspray. $16 at Asante Spa and Hair Studio


Ultra-light silicones give brilliant shine. Emollient technology helps silken and also smooth curly texture. $25 at Aqua Bella Spa & Hair Studio


A must for unpredictable Tennessee weather. Finishing spray forms a protective shield to lock out humidity, eliminate frizz and provide longlasting, light hold. $20 at Asante Spa and Hair Studio


Maximizes gloss and color reflection. Sweet almond oil, antioxidants and natural conditioners create a luxurious shine elixir. $24 Asante Spa and Hair Studio


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