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Pam Levy is one of Re:MOVE’s clients. The 60-year-old Mt. Juliet resident has lost over 40 pounds since she joined Re:MOVE last September. She was referred to the facility by another one of Kensinger’s clients. “I was looking for something because I was on the road a lot with my former job, and I was just getting fatter and fatter,” Levy said. “I feel so much better, and not just physically, but mentally and emotionally as well. This is not just a gym; it really is a family. The members here are very encouraging of each other. They’re not going to let you fail. Failure is just not an option here.”

Re-MOVE TrainingRe-MOVE Training“Even when I worked for a gym, I rarely used the equipment. I would go into a corner of the gym and just grab a medicine ball or something and start coming up with creative ways to work out,” Kensinger said. “I get bored easily, and I don’t want to train in a boring way, so I thought nobody else would want to do that, either. So I just started coming up with creative ways to work out and that was the whole concept behind this place.”

Kensinger’s partner is Israel Horn, who is also a martial arts expert and has worked in the personal training field as well. “I could have never done it without Israel. He had the same vision. We wanted a gym with heavy bags, ropes and big tires.”

“Our whole focus was that we wanted something creative that nobody around here was doing,” Kensinger explained. “It’s just based on normal, everyday movements. Instead of just sitting or standing on a machine in a gym, and doing what it tells you to do, this training is based on actual movements that you make every day that will make you stronger in your daily life.”

Re:MOVE also offers its clients information on other areas, such as diet and nutrition as well. “We’re not really restrictive, but we do teach our clients to fuel their bodies properly so they can get the most of their workouts,” Kensinger told. “It’s not so much what not to put into your body that matters; it’s what to put in it that counts.”

“We really want to teach people how to ‘re-move’ (hence the company name). We want to teach people who aren’t doing anything as far as exercise to completely re-train their body how to move,” Kensinger said. “We also work with people who have had injuries and do some rehab, but the facility is available for normal workouts, too.”

Clients at Re:MOVE are able to purchase a variety of training packages that suit their schedule. They offer a drpo in rate, or a punch card good for a certain number of visits and also a monthly rate for unlimited use.Re-MOVE Training Class

“We don’t do long-term contracts,” said Kensinger. “We want people to want to be here. We run classes six days a week, and some of our clients come all six days. Some come twice a day. We usually do at least one in the morning, and then offer several in the evening.” 

“We have over 80 clients now, and our goal is to eventually have the gym open all day long,” she said. “We still offer personal, one-on-one training, too if that’s what someone wants. But we are really oriented toward group training. We also do a Kid Fit program for kids, and we want to do an after-school program, so there is something here for every age and fitness level.”

Potential new clients can reach Re:MOVE Fitness by visiting their facility at 200 Nonaville Road or contacting Crystal at or 615-525-1291.

Angel Kane - Kane & Crowell Family Law Center

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