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by ELIZABETH SCRUGGSElizabeth Scruggs - feature author Wilson Living Magazine

Spring Cleaning - Wilson Living Magazine

As the days begin to get longer and the weather starts to warm, we all get spring fever. Everything in nature is fresh and new, and we want our homes to be the same. That’s when we get the urge to spring clean. This is also prime garage sale season, so there’s no better time to organize your garage and have a sale too!

Working with Monkey Bars Garage Storage Solutions, we are able to see these garage spaces get into tip top shape.

Does Your Garage Look Like This?Does your space look like this?

If we are honest, most of our garages have looked like this at one time or another. Allow yourself a few hours, make a plan, and tackle it in small steps.

The first step when organizing any area is to empty the space. Sort and purge what you don’t use or need. Then divide the space into areas for specific tasks. Common areas in the garage would be for tools, gardening, toys, sports equipment and any automotive needs.

After you have your areas planned, use shelving, pegboard, hooks and plastic containers to keep like items together. Look at the walls and toward the ceiling for your storage space.

Spring Cleaning - Wilson Living MagazineTo the right, shelving has been installed all the way around the garage. The beauty of Monkey Bars Storage is that their powder coated steel construction holds 1,000 pounds every 4 feet of shelf.

They offer 12 types of hooks to hang virtually anything. After laying out your plan and installing any shelves that you need, place all your items into their designated areas. Label any containers clearly with a sharpie to identify its contents.

Remember not to store anything in your garage that may be sensitive to changes in temperature.

According to, in the U.S., “82% of homes have two-car garages or larger, but only 15% use them to park the car inside.” This is a sad statistic. Take some time this spring to get your garage in shape. Donate or sell what you don’t need, and use your garage as it was intended to be used- for your vehicles! If you need help with your project, give us a call.

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Spring Cleaning - Wilson Living Magazine

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