From Currency Trader to Cheesecake Maker

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While catering events is still a big part of their business, the primary focus is the personal chef aspect.

“Our clients are two-income families with kids who are tired of fast food and frozen dinners and want to have something tasty and nutritious for dinner butCheesecake have so little time or inclination to cook. They also don’t want to have to go to restaurants every night either because of the time and expense, so this is a perfect alternative,” says Mark. “We prepare about two week’s worth of dinners, five different entrees with four servings of each, and sides that they can just heat up and serve and they get to spend more quality time with their family and eat dinners like tuna Florentine or chicken and black bean enchiladas, “ he says. “And the containers we provide are the kind that can be put into the microwave or the oven.”

“If they want extra portions for kids, or if they want breakfast items, we can provide that, too,” Mark says.

“We have a lot of professional singles that don’t even think about cooking, and we have a package for them also,” Tarra adds. “One family has been a client for 14 years,” Tara says. “And another couple that we’ve been cooking for for 13 years finally dropped us because their kids are all grown,” Tarra says. “The wife said, ‘Now it’s just me and my husband, so I think I’d like to start cooking again.’”

On the catering side, the Cyglers still do weddings, parties, graduations, and other special events. One of their biggest catering events is a training event at the D 1 Sports facility each year in Cool Springs. Prospective athletes come to D 1 Sports to prepare for the NFL draft, and Gourmet to You provides all of the meals for the two-month long event.

“From January 1 to March, they bring in a dozen to twenty college athletes who are hoping to go to the NFL draft. Some of them are preparing for the NFL combines, which are held in March in Indianapolis, where scouts get a closer look at some of the draft prospects. So they come to D 1 to get ready for the combines, and we provide breakfast, lunch, and dinner for seven days a week for these athletes for two months,” Mark says.

“We also do a family reunion for a doctor client of ours that we’ve done for eleven years,” Tarra says. “About twenty people from all over the country come to his home in Green Hills and we go out there and do two meals a day for four or five days. Mark has a waffle station and an omelet station in the morning, with Kahlua French toast, and lox and bagels for breakfast. For dinner, it’s something like roasted lamb with salsa Verde, or we have an Italian night for them.”

CheesecakeThe personal catering business, like any entrepreneurial venture, sometimes has its challenges. “I remember one time when we were catering a Davidson Country Republican Party fundraiser for 200 people,” Tarra says. “It was pretty simple barbecue menu, but we got out on I-40 and traffic was completely stopped. So we called the client and told them, but what can you do? We fiinally inched our way over to Briley and took some back roads and made our way over to Centennial Park. Luckily we had left very early so the food was served only about 15 minutes late.”

“There’s also always chance that when you get to the store, they might be out of an item you really need, and it takes a couple extra stops before you find it,” Mark adds. “Getting special spices or ingredients can also be a challenge, but now there are a lot more Mexican stores, and Oriental food markets where you can buy spices and chilies and things like that. There’s Whole Foods for organic ingredients, and Restaurant Depot just opened down by the stadium, but that takes a lot of time to cover all that ground.”

The Cyglers say there are not really any ‘signature dishes,’ since each job is so different. “Since all of our clients have such unique requests, we don’t really have a signature dish,” Mark says, “but Shrimp Fra Diablo, Tuna Florentine, and Jack Daniels chocolate pecan pie are some of our more popular items. Our mini-cheesecakes are a big hit, too.” 

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