WLM - Students with their ipad 2's


WLM - Students with their ipad 2'sRight before Fall break, the middle school and high school students of Friendship Christian School, received their long awaited for iPad 2s. And no one was happier than President of FCS, Jon Shoulders.

“The learning landscape at Friendship Christian School just became even bigger,” noted Shoulders. In fact, Friendship Christian School is one of the first schools in Middle Tennessee to implement the one-on-one iPad 2 Program. “We are excited to offer our students the iPad 2 technology. This initiative will allow our students and teachers access to a wealth of information beyond textbooks, bringing educational and study resources literally to our fingertips.”

In partnership with Apple, the school is enhancing the learning resources available to their students through varied uses of innovative technology. From interactive lessons to study aids to productivity tools, there’s something for everyone. Shoulders stated, “We have spent significant time researching how the Apple for Education technology benefits students and teachers and talking to other schools who have successfully implemented the Apple program. The textbook publishers are increasingly providing digital supplements, and the applications created for education number in the thousands. Our research convinced us that this program has significant value for students in every grade and will allow our teachers to be even more creative in their teaching strategies.

The iPad 2 will be mapped with specific apps required for the students as well as being fully integrated into the school’s security framework which allows teacher access and control over content in the classroom. Students in grades 7-12 will have possession of their iPad 2s, both at school and at home, while students in Kindergarten through 6th grade will have access to iPad 2s in the classroom via iPad 2 carts, that will be available to elementary teachers to integrate digital learning into their lesson plans.

“Our teachers have each been provided with an iPad 2 and are excited about the possibilities this technology opens to them and what it offers their students. We believe this is an important step for Friendship Christian School in achieving our mission to provide an excellent education in a Christian environment and look forward to a great year of learning,” emphasized Shoulders.

To learn more about Friendship Christian School please call 449-1573 or visit www. FriendshipChristian.org.

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