French Inspired

French Inspired

The wait to build her dream home was worth it!

 By Becky Andrews

French InspiredIt had been a dream of hers to build a home from the ground up ever since Elmie Ruck moved with her husband, Herb and oldest daughter, Tiffany, to a Pre-Civil War home on the west side of Lebanon. That was 1976. After adding a second daughter, Tatum, to the family and more than a decade spent renovating that home, the Ruck’s decided to move into a more suited space for their growing brood. They found just what they were looking for less than 3 miles away.

Nearly 25 years after that last move, Elmie saw her home building dream become reality when construction was completed on their elegant French Country French Inspiredstyle home that rests on one of Wilson County’s most scenic properties. “I told Herb, ‘I just want to build one house, just one.’ For years he said he didn’t want to build. We should just relax and enjoy the home we were in’ Elmie says, “But a few years after both of our girls were out of the house starting their own families, Herb realized that 5 acres is a lot to keep up with. One day he said it might not be a bad idea to build something that requires less maintenance. That’s all I needed to hear. The next day we were looking at lots.”

Elmie and Herb started looking at building lots in Nashville but after a day of looking, they headed back to the place they have called home since 1976. “Lebanon is home and I guess it will always be home. It’s hard to raise your family and move away from all that’s familiar.” Elmie says after scooping up her youngest (4 legged) daughter, Maggie.

The finished product is… well, just look at the photos!

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