Four More Years!

 Roy Harris

Four more yearsRoy is our calm, our center, our Zen.

Roy’s articles are always on time, on target and as we proof them, at the start of the layout process, they ground us. After just a few issues, Becky and I changed his column title to Reflections, as it seemed the perfect fit.

Roy is an experienced writer and blogger, and his work can be found at, as well as several other publications across the country, including ONE Magazine, CONTACT Magazine, Fusion, The Menorah, The Voice and The Vision.

He is also a motivational speaker traveling the globe sharing his teachings with not just Wilson Living but with people in far away places across the United States, Europe, Israel and Africa. His book, Caring for the Caregiver, designed to help and encourage those providing care for terminally ill family members, has now made it to 28 countries around the world.

Roy can be reached at

Sue Siens

Four more years

Sue knows everybody and knows everybody’s story. If you haven’t figured it out yet – everyone in Wilson County is either related to someone or knows someone, who knows someone, that you know. Sue helps us keep everyone straight!

I met Sue years ago when she worked for Mayor Don Fox. She and I hit it off and before we knew it, Sue had her own Wilson Living column, About Town, where she highlights all the great events in and around Lebanon and Watertown.

Sue can be reached at

Matt Garrett

Matt Garrett joined The Wilson Post in 2011 as the Chief Executive Officer of Main Street Media. Matt is responsible for keeping things running smoothly with all of Main Street Media brands which include, The Wilson Post, The Gallatin News, Mature Lifestyles, The Hendersonville Standard, The Goodlettsville Trace and The Real Estate Magazine. Matt has been instrumental in helping us take Wilson Living to the next level.

Matt can be reached at

 Donna Neely

Four more years

Donna is our everything and we adore her.

We met Donna one day right after she had some cosmetic lasering done on her face. She had heard about the magazine and dropped off some samples of her graphic work, just in case we needed some extra help. Her plan was to drop off her packet and run out the door. She didn’t expect me to come out to meet her and about died when I saw her. Well that sealed it – anybody who would run around town after having their face lasered was surely to become fast friends with Becky and I. Donna does a little of everything for us. She takes photos and especially loves tagging along for our Home & Garden photo shoots, writes articles, works the Expo, meets with our advertisers and designs ads.

We have dubbed her Wilson Living Head Cheerleader. And when she isn’t cheering us on, you can usually find her around town cheering on her grandkids at their various sporting events.

Donna can be reached at

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