Four More Years!

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 Brody Kane

Four more years

My better half. (Well, that’s what he likes to call himself.)

Actually, Brody has been behind the scenes from the very beginning. He set up the initial meeting between Sam, Becky and I. And ever since, has been putting his two cents in about the magazine. Finally, on our four-year anniversary – Becky and I gave in and gave him his own column! Brody says he wants to be sure we keep the magazine real.

Having grown up in Watertown and then moving away to Memphis for law school, Brody convinced me to return to Lebanon with him. (He was so determined to move back that I’m thinking he might have left me in Memphis, if I hadn’t agreed to come.) Brody wanted our kids to be raised where life was just a little slower; where everyone knew someone who knew you and where small town values were still the gold standard.

His new column Hometown Heroes, centers on those hometown values and memories that can be found in the people and places in and around Wilson County.

Brody can be reached at

Stacey Meadows & Dr. John Gallaher

Four more years
Stacey and John are our foodies. They are also a female and male version of each other!Four more years 

They both love to eat, explore new venues and share a good bottle of wine as they do it. Hearing them tell a tale about their latest food find is like watching an epic movie as they each describe what the food looked like, how it was presented, what drink could be paired with it and … on and on. They class us up just a bit.

In their day jobs, Dr. John Gallaher is a local optometrist but is fast becoming almost as well known for his Dining with Doc articles. Stacey is a Marketing and Branding Specialist with accounting firm, Carr, Riggs and Ingram and lives in Mt. Juliet.

She is married to my fellow attorney, John Meadows – and every time I go toe to toe with him in Court, I try to remember how much I love his dear wife!

Dr. John Gallaher can be reached at . 

Stacey Meadows can be reached at

Randy Rudder

Four more yearsTalk about a small world. Randy got in touch with us about a year ago. He is a published author (Chicken Soup for the Soul/ Country Music Edition) and was interested in writing for us. Given he lived in Mt. Juliet; he was the perfect fit, as we were expanding our coverage in Mt. Juliet.

Turns out, Randy just happened to be good friends with my brother in-law, Dan Kane, and just that weekend my niece, Reagan, was at his house playing. He had no idea about the connection before he called me.

Randy is an amazing writer and because he focuses his pieces on people and places from the Mt. Juliet area, we titled his column City Between the Lakes.

Randy can be reached at 


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