Four More Years!

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 Ken Beck

Four more years

Ken is our story teller. A former Friendship Christian School teacher and coach, Ken wrote feature, entertainment and travel stories as a Tennessean staff member for over 31 years. He has been a contributor to the Wilson Post for over 4 years. Ken has written numerous books including more than a half dozen about his favorite subject, Andy Griffith.

A little known fact about Ken is that he sleeps in a 180 year old log cabin and wears a coonskin cap on cold winter days. (Nice photo Ken!) Becky and I give Ken free reign on what he writes. Each issue he pitches us an idea and we’ve never said ‘No’.

Most of Ken’s articles end up in his favorite sections of the magazine, Meet Your Neighbor or Living In the Past. Ken is also one of our many mentors. Ken will often give us advice on how to do things better or differently. Never pushy, he is always generous with his talents and has shared with us his many years of knowledge in the professional world of journalism.

Ken can be reached at

Erin Brown

Four more years

Erin is our girl!

We are her biggest cheerleaders in everything she does. She is always trying to style us, which is a miserable failure on my part since my favorite colors are black, off black and grey black. Becky, on the other hand, can often be found around town shopping the latest trends with Erin.

And what many of you have figured out is that, in addition to being a fabulous stylist, Erin is one heck of a writer as well. Over the last four years, she has always expressed an interest in keeping it local and delivering Styles & Trends we can all find in Wilson County and surrounding areas. And when she isn’t writing, you can find Erin styling some of the best dressed ladies of Wilson County.

Erin can be reached at

Sam Hatcher

Our Mentor!

There’s not much we can tell you about Sam Hatcher that you don’t already know. Sam (or Sammy as most of his close friends call him) has been in the newspaper biz for more than 40 years. In addition to working his way up the ranks from reporter to publisher, Sam did the same in the National Guard, starting as a private then eventually retiring from ‘The Guard’ at the rank of Full Colonel. Sam is our biggest supporter but he also encourages us to improve our product each and every time.

Even though Sam is always busy acting as Publisher and Chairman of Main Street Media, he always finds time for us.

Angel Kane - Kane & Crowell Family Law Center

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