Four More Years!

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Becky Andrews & Angel Kane

Four more yearsWell, that’s Becky and I, of course. We are as different and as similar, as two friends can be. Both of us are working moms with very busy children. We like to laugh WITH you and AT you, but mostly at ourselves. Our favorite things to do together are to eat all the things we shouldn’t eat, shop for all the things we don’t need and watch really bad reality television. (If you need to know which housewife is going through divorce, bankruptcy, or getting a spinoff on Bravo… We’re your girls!)

On our down time, we are voracious readers – Becky likes fiction and I like biographies. And we both love to share our tales every week with our Wilson Post Column “Telling Tales.” And that’s where the similarities end!

As you can see from our political aspirations – I lean to the right and Becky is a Communist…I mean liberal. She loves to exercise, while I enjoy googling the newest diet craze. She is known for being a tad bit late and I’m always 10 minutes early.

But when it comes to our magazine, we are a well-oiled machine. Becky is in charge of the day-to-day operations of Wilson Living Magazine, the website, staff, cover shoots and advertisers. I handle the editorial portion of the magazine – writers and copy. We both work closely on layout and design. 

My favorite section of the magazine is Finding Your Piece of the Good Life as this section embodies the essence of what I expected the magazine to be -regular people sharing their life stories.

Becky’s favorite section of the magazine is Style & Trends. She and Erin will pour over Erin’s section each issue, finding the cutest outfit or latest trend. If she had it her way – Erin would have 30 pages each issue!!

Becky is also the mastermind behind the Wedding Issue Covers and the Bachelors and Bachelorettes of Wilson County. She spends many days and nights working on those cover photos with Wilson Living, Photographer to the Stars, Amy Rich. And their efforts do show!

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