Notes from the Founders – July Aug 2010

Angel Kane - Kane & Crowell Family Law Center

Love is in the air this issue!

From engagements to weddings to receptions, Wilson County is alive with romance this May.Angel & Becky

In this issue, Styles & Trends Editor, Erin Brown, brings you the latest in trends and fashions of what to wear to the wedding day event.

The cover, photographed by Amy Rich of Amy Rich Photography, was taken at Five Oaks Country Club. The Country Club is as breathtaking as the fashions modeled by Wilson County’s very own Aimee Lawrence and Stephanie Albright who appear in the Weddings Done Wilson Style section. If you are planning a wedding or know someone that is, then you won’t want to miss this section.

And don’t miss “Finding Your Piece of the Good Life” penned by Holly Yelton of Mt. Juliet. Holly graciously shares with all of us how her husband Allen proposed in the most romantic of all ways. And now, a decade plus later, the happy couple continues to live the good life right here in Wilson County.

Holly and Allen are not the only ones, though, who have found their soul mates. Check out Living in the Past for love stories that have survived the test of time. Many of your neighbors are celebrating 50 plus years of marriage and they’ve shared decades old photos with us of their special day. Wow – have wedding styles changed!

Of course, weddings are not the only item on the agenda this issue.

When you Meet Your Neighbor, David Tinsley, you’ll be amazed with his Hollywood connections. And then there is Wilson County’s fabulous artist, Rick Wittrig, whose masterful fire pit creations were part of the 2010 Winter Olympics. He has a fabulous story to share and we are honored to bring it to you.

There is a little something for everyone in this issue from fantastic food finds, to gardening tips, to inspirational words of wisdom for married couples, to beauty trends that will get you ready for that “special day.” This is one jammed packed issue!

So find your favorite rocker on the front porch, pour an ice-cold glass of tea and sit back and read about all that is going on in your backyard of Wilson County!

Happy Reading

Angel Kane
Becky Andrews


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