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Happy 2010!

Can you believe how time flies? It seems it was only yesterday, we were all waiting with anticipation as Y2K was about to hit. And ten years later we all thankfully survived – albeit with a few remaining unopened bags of Ramen Noodles and bottles of water.

It’s been quite a decade. Lots of ups and downs but we have a great feeling about 2010. It’s going to be a wonderful year! You can see it everywhere you go around the county. People are more hopeful. Everyone has new and exciting news they want to share. Businesses are starting to rebound and folks are joyful about what the new year has to offer.

One person who is excited about all that life has in store for her this year is Suanne Bone. Suanne opened her home to Wilson Living Magazine and gave us all a look inside one of Lebanon’s historic homes. The home belonged to her grandparents and Suanne continues to lovingly restore this beautiful residence. It’s simply breathtaking and you will be glad she graciously shared it with us.

Another charming lady who welcomed Wilson Living into her home this month is Lisa Patton. We all know Lisa from Channel 2 but, did you know she is a life-long Wilson County resident? Lisa shared some fond memories and photos with us of her “early years” that you won’t want to miss!

And we can’t leave out Mark Lee. Mark is a local attorney who happens to also be quite a writer. Mark penned our “Finding Your Piece of the Good Life” article this issue. Mark grew up in Wilson County and has written about some wonderful memories of “snow days” from years past. If we get snowed in this year – blame Mark – apparently he is hoping and praying for another big snowstorm that will keep us all indoors by the fire with the family.

And for more of Wilson Living Magazine, don’t forget to visit our website at All our past articles and photos are now on-line. 

Angel Kane & Becky Andrews

Notes From The County   

Got it today & it is awesome !! Great job. I am never disappointed. Pamela Ashbridge Reeder

Picked up my first copy (ever) today…Wonderful mag! Enjoyed the article on the Wilson County Fair. This is a first class publication, I will be looking forward to future issues!  Pat Scales

We got back from vacation on Saturday evening–and as I was going through the week’s mail, I saw the magazine and found myself reading it at midnight! I couldn’t help myself!!!  All the Best Wendi Warren

I want to commend you on the incredible job that you’re doing with the magazine.  I have been EXTREMELY impressed ever since I received the very first issue with the quality of the articles and the photographs. There are very few magazines that I just have to drop everything to sit down and immediately read when I first get my hands on it, but Wilson Living has that effect
on me. You are doing a great service for Wilson County, and I wish you much success for years to come! We are very thankful to be advertisers in your beautiful magazine, and I hope we will have a long working relationship together in the future.  
Thank you again for your conscientious work and the gift of your talents in producing Wilson Living.
Ramona Crutcher, Ramona & Co.
         P.S.   I also enjoy reading your humorous articles in the Wilson Post – I can often relate!

Angel Kane - Kane & Crowell Family Law Center

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