Form vs Function or is it Style vs Protection

Form vs Function or is it Style vs Protection

Summers must have accessory is not a great pair of sandals, straw hat or a beach bag!

The must have accessory is both form and function; as well as style and protection…sunglasses!                     


This summer Statement

Statement Glasses are fun and whimsical but if you are a bit more practical, there are many different styles available so make sure you are choosing the best frame for your face shape:


  • Oval:   Lucky!!  You can wear most any shape frame…have fun!
  • Round:  do not give into the temptation of

    Have fun with different colors to wear with different outfits.  You can purchase a few pairs of

    Keep in mind, have fun!  Be whimsical or not, it is up to you.  Sunglasses can add that much needed punch of personality, color or design to your everyday wardrobe!


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