Five French Wines You Should be Drinking Now

By Brooke Porter, Market Basket Wine and Liquor


The weather is hot then cold right now. Sometimes it can be confusing when trying to decide what to drink. Here are five of my favorite go-to wines for any time of year. It’s no surprise that these wines are French. The only wine that is not French is made by a French winemaker. Therefore, it made the lineup.


“I don’t know what to drink with dinner tonight, so, I will drink Beaujolais.” Said the Nashville wine importer.  It’s simple and still sophisticated.  Some folks say they don’t like Beaujolais and I believe they have not met the right one. Beaujolais is known for being fruity and un-complicated. Try Domaine Dupeuble Beaujolais. It is a true representation of the region. This is an elegant wine that is not too simple and appropriate for any night of the week.


What? All year? Why not? It’s delicious. It appeals to red and white drinkers because it’s kinda both. I am particularly enjoying Cotes du Roses from Gerard Bertrand. The wine is made in a Provencal style that is very popular right now. Grenache, Cinsault and Syrah make up this blend that comes in a bottle shaped like a rose!

White Burgundy

White Burgundy is a great way freshen up your palette when it has been run down by big buttery California Chards. Crisp wines from the Macon River Valley in France are interesting and bright. I particularly enjoy a good Macon-Villages such as Henri Perrusset. This is a well- balanced wine with excellent minerality. There is not too much of anything in this wine. It is one of my favorite Chardonnays.

Cabernet Franc

There are infinitely abounding numbers of great Cabernets but a good, inexpensive Cabernet Franc is rare. It’s like finding a good rare bourbon. It’s just not that easy. Cabernet Franc is father of Cabernet Sauvignon. Many years ago it was crossed with Sauvignon Blanc to make Cabernet Sauvignon. This red wine packs a lot of punch with elegant tannins. Go South America for the Fabre Montmayou Cabernet Franc at a steal at $15.99. The winemaker came from France to make delicious wine in South America.

Cotes du Rhone

Southern Rhone wines in particular that lead with Grenache are always pleasing. I am enjoying the Heritages Cotes du Rhone at $12.99. Woodsy and elegant with notes of baked plum. It nice finish drinking quite well.


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