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Apr 27, 2017
Angel Kane - Kane & Crowell Family Law Center

Houndstooth puts dogs first in all they do

Wagging tails and sweet slobbery kisses are just a few of the ways Houndstooth Grooming, Boarding and Doggie Day Care’s customers show their appreciation. And they love every minute of it.

“They are so fun and bring a different energy,” says Karen Caplenor, owner of Houndstooth Grooming, Boarding and Doggie Day Care. “They love life, and I have so much fun playing and spending time with them.”

Her team at Houndstooth offers grooming, boarding and doggy day care at their safe, clean facility. They have three certified groomers on staff who handle everything from cutting nails to full-body trims. And all of the dogs receive personal attention, whether they are staying the night or spending the day playing with their furry friends.

They recently added new boarding cages for smaller dogs, giving them a full range of options for dogs, no matter their size. When man’s best friend stays with Houndstooth, they enjoy a calm environment and full-time staff that constantly checks on and walks them — including during nights and weekends.

“We try to make it as much like home as possible,” she says. That also includes having couches they can lie on, blankets, clean bedding, fresh bowls and toys.

Houndstooth opened in Lebanon in November 2009, and they’ve been in their new 6,000-square-foot, climate-controlled facility for about three years. Besides the focus on safety and cleanliness, what makes Houndstooth so special is the caring, attentive staff.

“You want someone who is thinking about your pet 24/7 and knows how much you love them,” she says.

The Houndstooth team also supports animal rescue groups, New Leash on Life and Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary. “We help board some of their dogs for them since they don’t have enough foster parents,” she says. They’ve also given Kuranda beds to Smith County and Hartsville animal controls to keep the dogs from sleeping on the cold concrete.

Houndstooth Grooming, Boarding and Doggie Day Care is located at 531-A W. Baddour Parkway in Lebanon. For more information, visit or call 615-453-9090.

Angel Kane - Kane & Crowell Family Law Center


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