Sept / Oct 2013 Features

6       Notes From Founders  

8       Sabrina Out On the Town

9       Calendar of Events
12     Meet Your Neighbor
 Screen Gem Sparkles Anew

22     Special Feature
         Cruise In.. and stay a while

28     About Town
Cemetry Walk
32     Hometown Heroes
         How Do You Define a Hero?

36     Around The Bend
         Glory of Granville

38     City Between the Lakes
Courtney’s Restaurant & Catering


         Sept / Oct 2013 Features

40     Styles and Trends
41     October Playfulness 
44     An Interview With Crystal Couture

46     Coming Home
Adoring Autumn

47     Good Things
Tips To Throw a Game

48     Senior Living
 Senior Citizens Centers

52     DownHome Politics
Get Involved Vote

54     Entertainment
         Stardust Drive-In

56     Living In the Past
         In Search Of the Lost Sheriff

60     Reflections

61     Piece Of Good Life
         Taking a Leap leads to the Good Life 

COVER PHOTO by Jana Pastors

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