WLM - Styles & trends

WLM - Styles & trends


There’s no better time of year to express your style than fall. Layer up, but be sure to do it right. Sometimes you may need a little guidance. This issue shares my advice to help make your fall wardrobe exceptionally chic, whatever your age or size now. Inside this issue, you’ll find tools (from a professional stylist) to stretch your wardrobe and make it work. We’ll incorporate new pieces in with your current clothing.

WLM - Styles & TrendsAs a personal wardrobe stylist, with a four year degree in apparel design, this is my area of education, experience, and expertise. My varying group of style clients (I say varying because they all vary in age, background, lifestyle), use some of these tips every day when they wear those special pieces of clothing selected for them personally by me during what I call, a Seasonal Closet Cleanse.

A “Closet Cleanse” is generally the work I do with clients each season and we do small updates along the way. Day one, we set up a time to visit in your home for a personal consultation. After taking a look through clothing and accessories in your closet, I remove the unneeded or overworn, which only add clutter, and replace them with items that are current, updated and classic. The “Closet Cleanse” makes getting dressed every day a breeze, less overwhelming, and FUN! Each item in your closet becomes functional.

At the very beginning of this process, I always start by asking my client about their lifestyle. What do they do for a living? What doWLM - Upcoming Events they typically wear to work? What do they like to do on the weekends and free time? It helps me decide what their day to-day is like and I purchase clothing to reflect that lifestyle. Someone who does not go to formal parties and dinners each weekend doesn’t need numerous “chichi” outfits. Pair down to just a few special pieces, should the occasion arise.

After we nail down lifestyle, as well as what they feel they are lacking in their closet, I go through my personal checklist. I separate their clothing into piles of “yeses, nos, and maybe.” The “nos” are generally “non-negotiable.” I make notes along my way through their closet of what additional wardrobe items are needed to enhance their look.

Next, I go over current trends to see what the client might like to try adding to their wardrobe. On the next few pages, you will see this and more. I’ve identified some key trends to try in some capacity on pages four and five. On the pages after that, you will see some local friends that agreed to model for me this issue. I dressed each in outfits that I felt were fresh for this season.

Enjoy the fashion!

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