Charities and Where to go for help

Shelters and/or organizations that offer provisions for displaced.
While these facilities provide a valuable service to displaced individuals, they also offer a perfect opportunity to volunteer. You are welcome to volunteer goods, services or more importantly, your time.

Brooks House
PO Box 1222
Lebanon, TN 37088
Phone (615) 444-8882
Fax (615) 444-8851

Habitat for Humanity
606 E Main St
Lebanon, TN 37087

Wilson County Community Help Center
203 W High St
Lebanon, TN 37087
County: Wilson County

Healing Broken Vessels
223 North Cumberland Street
Lebanon, TN 37087
A faith based organization that provides Christian education for women in the Wilson County area. Their focus is lifestyle development, spiritual health and wholeness.

Local Groups working towards an International Goal

Trinity Hope Inc
2366 Cairo Bend Rd
Lebanon, TN 37087
Trinity Hope’s goal is to actively seek and be careful stewards of each dollar God provides so that the maximum number of students in the schools of the Christian Churches in Haiti have a meal each day. To facilitate the Christian Churches in Haiti ’s efforts to bring the Good News of Jesus Christ to the children in its schools as they are being educated.

Ignite Missions
230 Westlynn Dr
Lebanon, TN 37087

This Program is designed to help designated Villages in Honduras by providing them with daily life neccessaties and Christ centered learning.
Your PRAYERS OR DONATIONS will help provide a home for a Pastor,  materials for Bible Study, supplies for children’s ministry and so on… in your village of choice!

Into the Word Ministries, Inc.
447 Hiwassee Rd.
Lebanon, TN 37087

Into the Word Ministries, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization with the primary objective of reaching the world through the use of mass media. Into the Word Ministries strives to apply the Word of God to our everyday lives. Into the Word publishes a weekly Bible based lesson on the Internet.

Wilson County Black History Committee
115 East Main Street, Suite B
Lebanon, TN 37087

The Wilson County Black History Committee is a group of men and women dedicated to the memory of the founders and families of Wilson County’s thriving African American community.

Books From Birth of Middle Tennessee
3401 West End Ave., Suite 460W
Nashville, TN 37203 Phone: 615.936.6353

To increase literacy and school readiness while strengthening the bonds of families. Books from Birth of Middle Tennessee wants to foster a love of reading in all Middle Tennessee children!

Area Organizations: 
Dozens of non-profits and charity organizations across the nation can provide financial assistance for medical bills, insurance payments, prescription medications, and other forms of aid. Find a listing of how to get financial help with medical bills from non-profit organizations.
Education and Employment

Angels’ Place, Inc. – They have a comprehensive support center that helps lower income, single parents stay in school by offering them FREE childcare, tutoring, career planning, counseling, and also informal parenting classes. 412.321.4447
Dress for Success – The goal of the Dress for Success organization is to promote the economic independence of struggling or disadvantaged women by providing professional attire, career development tools, and a network of support to help women be successful in both work and in life. They are located in more than 90 cities in the US. 212.532.1922
Free job training – The United State Department of Labor created the Workforce Investment Act. Services are available for the unemployed, low income, seniors, and youths that can provide them with job training and skills that are needed in the workforce. More on Workforce Investment Act.
Goodwill Industries – This national organization provides career counseling, job placement and training programs, and resources that can help people find both temporary and permanent jobs. Increase your skills, and get assistance in finding a job. Learn more.
Mercy Education Project – This group dedicated to providing education, academic and life skills help to assist at-risk women and girls in achieving academic success and with a goal of eventual self-sufficiency.
The Midnight Mission – Provides help to the homeless through education, counseling, job training, and job placement. They also assist by providing shelter, food, clothing, personal hygiene needs and health care.
Reading Is Fundamental, Inc. (RIF) – The RIF organization provides free books for children across America to help in their education, and they are free to choose and keep the books. By promoting a love of books among kids, RIF will encourage children’s literacy and also involves communities across the nation.

Charity Organizations for Food and Groceries
Joseph’s Storehouse
1960 Southeast Tater Peeler Road  
Lebanon, TN 37090
(615) 453-5777

Angel Food Ministries – This is a non-profit, non-denominational organization that is committed to providing grocery bill relief and other financial support to people and communities throughout the United States. They help and serve hundreds of thousands of families every month across 35 states. There are no applications, qualifications, income restrictions, or minimums. Click here, or dial 1-877-FOOD-MINISTRY

Feeding America – The nation leading hunger-relief charity is Feeding America. Every year, the Feeding America assistance network helps provide food to over 25 million people with hardships or facing hunger in the United States, including helping over 9 million children and almost 3 million seniors in need. They have a network of over 200 food banks serving people in all 50 states, the District of Columbia and also Puerto Rico. They distribute more than 2 billion pounds of donated food and grocery items annually. 800.771.2303
Share Our Strength – Includes a network of community groups, food programs, and activists to help make sure that no kid in America grows up hungry.
1-800-Charity Cars – This is America’s #1 Car Donation Charity. It provides donated vehicles to struggling families in need of transportation, provided they are willing to work and become self-sufficient, tax-paying members of the community. The Charity Cars assistance program will provide a vehicle that has been refurbished to insure both reliability and safety of the vehicle, and they may also provide at times a license plate, the down-payment to pay for insurance bills, a service warranty to help with future repairs, and also case management services to families willing to work to pay their bills. 1-800-242-7489
Free Gas USA Inc. – Provides grants that can be used for free gasoline for low income, elderly, and disabled Americans.
Free Car Repairs – Several national and regional charities, churches, and non-profits can provide individuals with low cost or free automobile repairs. You will need to apply, and the services are usually targeted at people who need their car for work.
Click here to learn about free car repair programs
Opportunity Cars – Over 150 nonprofit organizations around the nation are part of this program. They are all dedicated to increasing private automobile ownership for low income working families who can’t obtain their own transportation. The automobiles are to be used to help people find and keep their jobs. They may give away used cars for free, providing matching grants, or offer low interest loans.
Click here to learn more
Ways to Work is an organization that provides people with low interest rate auto loans. The loans can be used to help a family or individual purchase a new or used car, pay for car repairs and maintenance, and it can assist with other transportation expenses.
Click here to learn more about Ways to Work auto loans

Additional Assistance for Tennessee Residents is also provided by your local government that can help you with paying bills or that can also help you with paying your mortgage and foreclosure…/tennessee_assistance_programs.html


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