Change Is Good

Angel Kane - Kane & Crowell Family Law Center

During the 1990’s, Wilson County was really starting to grow and I was a realtor and then broker for over 13 years with a local real estate company. And in 2002, I followed my instinct again and opened my own real estate company, Linda Hackett Realty Inc.. My children, who were now adults, worked with me and it was such a thrill to be doing what I loved with my family. I owned my real estate company for over 10 years and it was during this time I met Angel and Becky. We all remember when the real estate market was just booming! Times were good and I was sure life would always be that way.

Those good times were the motivation for Welcome Home Magazine. I saw so many wonderful things happening in the area and wanted to publish a magazine that portrayed all of it. So I followed my instinct again, jumped into publishing a magazine and enjoyed all that came with that for four years. The magazine not only provided me with the ability to showcase homes I had listed, but also the opportunity to share so many stories about other people from the area.Grandchildren Dalton, Kaiden and Kristan

But like all things, sometimes you hit a bump in the road and lose site of the good times. First, I realized I didn’t have the time I needed to keep producing the magazine I adored and finally made the tough decision to let it go. Soon after that, my mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and after several years of helping take care of her, we were all heartbroken to lose her. And right after that, the real estate market changed. Three blows in a row and I thought I was out!

To be honest, it took me a while to find my footing again with so many changes. But, I’ve always followed my instinct and deep down know… change is good.

About a year ago, I closed the doors of Linda Hackett Realty Inc. and opened the doors of Agee & Johnson. I made some wonderful friendships with my career in real estate and one of those lasting friendships is with Jim Agee. Jim asked me to join his team and I haven’t looked back.

Two decades ago when I was starting my real estate career, I was a working mother with two busy children and soon was also running a magazine.

Today, I am a grandmother to 6 very special children, and although my life is still busy, I find that now I have much more time to devote to my clients and also have 23 years of real estate experience to back me up.

I’m doing what I love, surrounded with good people and see the good times in site once again as the real estate market has really picked up steam.

And as I look through these old issues of my magazine, I am so thankful for them. They not only memorialize “pieces of my good life” but as I flip through the pages I see that there are more good times ahead for all of us. Through the pages of these old issues, I see so many photos of friends and while we were all a little younger then, I’m thankful that they all remain my friends to this day.

I see photos and stories of businesses that have persevered the last few years and have come back stronger. And most especially for me, I see pictures of my children and grandchildren, which I’d sneak into every magazine, and can’t believe how wonderfully they have all grown up!

Grandchildren Trinity, Zion & WinstonAs I said, writing this article has really been a full circle moment. Twelve years ago, Becky and I were sitting at a real estate closing table with Angel. When the closing was over, I gave them each a copy of my magazine.

Today, we are all still friends and am proud to have shared “how I have found my piece of the good life” in their magazine.

And so, it’s only fitting that I close with words I wrote in my magazine seven years ago. These words still ring true today. Wilson County has a lot to brag about and be extremely proud. This is a community that consists of real people. Our home place is a great place to be. (Welcome Home Magazine, 2005)

You can reach Linda Hackett at 615-566-5143, 444-0909 or visit her at Agee & Johnson Realty and Auction, 728 West Main Street in Lebanon or visit her on the web at


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