Cash in the Closet


If you follow Wilson Living Magazine on Facebook, then you will recall a contest we ran last November. The thought was to include our readers in this column by helping you with your organizing and decorating dilemmas.

The winner was Fran O’Riordan with this entry:

“My laundry room is a nightmare. We have recently moved into a house with much less closet space, and my laundry room is bursting at the seams!”

The issue I find many times when I visit with a client is not that they don’t have enough room, but that they are not getting the best use out of the room that they do have.

Celebrate HomeWith less closet space, Fran was using her laundry room not only as a space for laundry, but a make-shift closet and pantry.


When I arrived, I realized that she actually had ample space in her pantry for food storage. After some sorting and re-Celebrate HomeAfter some sorting and re-arranging, I was able to make her laundry room a space for clothing and shifted all the food to the pantry.arranging, I was able to make her laundry room a space for clothing and shifted all the food to the pantry.














Celebrate HomeNow they have a space for coats and backpacks


I also hung some family photographs and found a coat rack in the garage that made a perfect landing spot for her children at the end of the day.

Now they have a space for coats and backpacks. She also has a space for sorting and folding clothes, and her pantry got Celebrate HomeLaundry nowa makeover as well.





Thanks to Fran and her family for allowing us to feature her space in this column. If you would like to see more reader dilemmas, let us know.

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When organizing your home, make the best use of your space by storing things where they belong and giving everything a home. It’s been said that the average person spends two months of their lifetime looking for things. I don’t know about you, but I want to spend those two months doing something else!

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