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3 tips for decorating with flowers from your own back yard

by Elizabeth Scruggs,


One of my favorite things about the spring and summer months are flowers.  I love to garden in my flower bed and share different varieties with friends.  So get outside and bring some of summer’s beauty into your space.  It’s good for your soul!

When it comes to cutting and arranging to enjoy inside, there are a few steps I follow to make a pleasing arrangement:


Max grad WLM flowers 063




1. Nothing is off limits as far as a container for the arrangement.  Think outside the box and use something not typically used for flowers.  Here I used a crystal piece for a more formal arrangement.  Oak Leaf Hydrangea with a few springs of Magnolia leaf make a simple yet stunning display.









Max grad WLM flowers 080 small




2. I always decorate in odd numbers, and the same holds true for flowers.  Odd numbers of items always make a more beautiful arrangement.

Lamb’s Ear paired with Knockout Roses and Coneflowers provide just enough contrast, while the texture of the Lamb’s Ear lends a touch of softness.  Working with a taller piece in the center, graduate to smaller on the sides.  Keeping it a bit off center makes it look more natural and less arranged.







Max grad WLM flowers small






3. Simplicity- less is always more.  I follow this when decorating any space, and the same holds true for fresh arrangements.  The simplicity of a single stem in a vessel can have a dramatic effect.


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