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Over the years Jason Moles has been perfecting his art. His ‘art’ involves a creative eye, a wealth of knowledge and a drive to offer affordability while not skimping on quality. After graduating from Tennessee Tech with a degree in Nursery and Landscape Management, he set out to create a business focused on the green industry. After managing several landscape crews, Jason gained valuable experience that helped bring him to where he’s at today.
Wilson Living Magazine - Jason Moles

In 2009, Jason and his wife, Rhonda, took a chance and opened Gardens on Main. The shop, located at 2515 Lebanon Road in Wilson County, offers a full service approach to all your outdoor needs. “When you come here you get expertise. I want you to be happy when you come home and look at your flowerbed or shrubs. Whether you need a full scale landscape design or you just need a hanging plant, we will make sure you have what you need.” Jason says while he sits at his desk placing plant orders.

Moles love for all things green started at a young age when he would help his mother who was an avid gardener. “I loved being outside and so did my mom. The more time I spent with her working outdoors, the more I wanted to learn.”

After receiving a football scholarship to Kentucky State University, deciding on a major was easy. But after his first year at Kentucky State, he transferred to Tennessee Tech in Cookeville and that’s where he met his future wife, Rhonda. “We were in the same English class together and that class was not my strongest subject and lucky for me, it was one of Rhonda’s best. I had the best looking tutor.” Jason says with a laugh.

When the opportunity to open a full service landscape company presented itself, Jason and Rhonda decided that it was now or never. And because this is a family business, there are days their two children, Madison and Chloe, help around the greenhouse. “Rhonda is here all the time too. Sometimes she will leave for lunch at First Freedom where she’s a secondary loan officer and come here to work. We just do what we have to do and so far it’s paying off because we have been really busy. Word is spreading.”

Moles and the rest of his crew at Gardens on Main pride themselves on providing beautiful landscapes for all clients that fit their expectations and budget, while simultaneously providing attention to detail and the highest level of workmanship. “I make sure everyone who works here knows what they are talking about.

In this economy no one wants to spend money on plants or flowers that won’t thrive in the area you plant it in. That’s why we ask questions and make sure you get the most for your money.”

Not everyone has $20,000 to create a backyard paradise but, Jason says there are several cost effective steps you can take to transform any area of your yard. “Flowers can brighten outdoor beds but adding Preen [Preen is a weed preventer] to your beds actually prevents new weeds from stealing the nutrients and sunlight your plants need. It is really so easy to keep beds looking beautiful.”

Something else a beginning gardener can do to help create a beautiful landscape is start with the soil. “No garden is complete without a compost pile! Compost is a soil conditioner, mulch and fertilizer all wrapped into one. It feeds the soil microorganisms that help plants stay healthy, adds nutrients to the soil, and helps clay soil drain better and sandy soil retain water. Plus, composting reduces your contribution to the waste stream by recycling yard and kitchen waste into the world’s best soil amendment.”
Wilson Living Magazine - Gardens on Main

According to Moles you never want to add meat products to your compost pile because the acidity of the meat can cause more harm than good.

Wilson County has proved to be a perfect fit for Jason and his family. After a quick visit with friends more than a decade ago, Jason and Rhonda knew they had found a place to call home. “This town was so close to everything and the people were so friendly. We could tell there was a strong sense of community and residents fully support local businesses. Knowing all that made our decision to move here a no brainer.”

With more than 17 years experience in the Green Industry, Jason Moles is proud to offer his expertise to the residents of Wilson County. Jason and his team want customers to have a beautiful yard you’re happy to come home to. “Gardens on Main is based on the principles of hard work and attention to detail while always remaining flexible in order to meet and exceed client expectations. We will do what we can to make your backyard dream a reality.”

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