ByHailey Kane

May 7, 2013
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Thank You Sweet Jesus for giving me, not one, but two, teenage daughters at the same time. For were it not for them, I:


  1. Would not to know that Facebook is now for old people, and that anyone older than 22 is forbidden from being on Instagram.

Except for Ms. Jamie, and “that’s just weird, Mom.”


  1. Would have never guessed that listening to 80’s music is so incredibly painful to the teenage ear that earbuds must be worn at all times while in my car to drown out the likes of Journey and Billy Joel.

“Who are those people? They sound old.”


  1. Would probably still be trying to hook up my new Apple computer and would have NEVER figured out that the keyboard and mouse don’t need to be hooked up to anything because of this wonderful thing called Bluetooth!

For that one and for their iPad, iPhone and iAnything capabilities, I do thank    you, sweet baby Jesus!


  1. Would still be wearing white Keds.

“Why are you wearing those, you are not a nurse.”


  1. Would still be able to find my shoes, jewelry, scarves, jackets, sweater, make-up,  perfume, brushes, hair bands, curling iron, blow-dryer, shampoo, conditioner and razor.

Madison-Zoeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! It’s just become one word.


  1. Would have never had to sit through a Miley Cyrus or Taylor Swift concert.

And for that one, Jesus, I may never forgive you.


  1. Would get to eat an entire plate of anything, without someone trying to eat my food, drink my drink, or steal my last piece of chocolate hidden away in the depths of my secret drawer.


  1. Would not get to be part of the uncomfortable three-some ensemble called a first date.

      That one, I’m going to have to go to confession for, Lord Jesus, because I know        

      You know what I was thinking when I had to partake of that fun fest.


  1. Wouldn’t be one of the lucky few who get to spend their hard earned dollars in the likes of Forever 21, Altar’d State and Charming Charlies.

      “Please, just this one scarf, I’ll pay you back.” Really, how? You don’t have a             

       job! No, cleaning your room is not a paying job.


  1. Would miss out on hugs and heartaches, tears and triumphs, late night jokes and giggles and all those moments that will one day be the only moments that matter!

But honestly, Jesus, Taylor Swift? There had to be another way to prove you are a    miracle worker.

Angel Kane - Kane & Crowell Family Law Center

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