Tina Brady

By Becky Andrews

It’s been a busy year for Lebanon resident, Tina Brady. For starters, her son, Rush, is getting married and daughter Mia,will be moving to Chicago soon to begin her first year in college. Then there’s managing her home, that includes caring for a menagerie of pets, spending quality time with her husband of nearly 30 years, Dr. Stan Brady, the list goes on and on. Lets not forget the TV show either. Early in the year, Tina, along with six other powerful women living and working in Middle Tennessee, starred in the first season of TNT reality series Private Lives of “Nashville Wives”. Now after years of creating her own signature style, Tina decided to launch Music City Bling, a collection of custom jewelry and clothing she designs. Recently, Tina took time out of her hectic schedule to share details about “Private Lives” (Will there be a second season?!) and gives tips on how you can get your “Swanky Southern Style” on.

Tina BradyTina Brady

Wilson Living Magazine: What inspired you to start your own line of accessories?

Tina Brady: I have a certain signature style. So many people have commented on the jewelry and accessories that I personally wear so I thought there was a niche for my sort of “blingy” over the top kind of fashion!

WLM: How are your distributing the line? Retail shops, private parties?

TB: My line is distributed solely at this time through the internet, specifically through my online store, www.music-city-bling.myshopify.com

WLM: How involved are you in the process?

TB: I’m totally involved in every step. I select all the jewelry and design the custom pieces myself. I name all of my pieces, write the descriptions, and I do a portion of the photography. I do have a fulfillment center that packages and ships all my orders. I love to blog about my style, fashion and jewelry and everything you see on my website, I have personally written. I can’t wait to share more with you soon.

WLM: What are your favorite pieces?

TB: My limited edition pieces. The bigger the better, my statement necklaces are a huge hit. Statement necklaces are shouting out loud once more. With just a short absence from the trend scene, a big bold necklace is a key piece to make your looks ‘larger than life’. They can be a well-planned accessory worn to an event to induce conversation. Mine sure do, and boy, it’s a lot of fun! I recently donated one of my favorite pieces, “Opening Night” to be auctioned off at Cumberland University’s Phoenix Ball. Several of my pieces were recently worn on stage at CMA fest!

WLM: You recently starred in TNT’s new reality series, “Private Lives of Nashville Wives” which has a huge following. What’s the status of a second season?

TB: I had a hoot with the cast and filming the show! Jenny is the first one that nicknamed me ‘The Queen of Bling’ it fit perfectly with my plan for my jewelry and accessories! Right now, there has been no official word from the network about Season 2 but no news is good news. We did hear that Australian television is going to run Season 1 again. We’re all hopeful and we’ll see what happens! I can say that we (the cast) are closer than ever and we’re doing a benefit for Agape Animal Rescue at the Hutton Hotel at the end of July!

WLM: Speaking of Private Lives, how did that happen?

TB: My family and I were vacationing at the Portofino Hotel in Orlando a few years ago and we happened to ‘be in the right place at the right time’… There were several casting agents at the hotel who happened to ‘notice’ me and my family. When they approached me, I was not interested but after thinking about it I decided to contact them when we got back home. One of the Executive Producers flew in for a weekend to hang with us. He loved my style, our home, our animals- He said that TNT would love for us to be part of their family… After that, game on! We had fun with the cameras – My moments were fun, not stressful at all! We filmed lots of blonde moments and had fun with the cameras riding and jumping my horses. After that, the network offered me a contract and we filmed Season 1.

WLM: How was the experience being on a reality TV?

TB: It was a blast. I loved being a part of the cast. It was an amazing experience and as a bonus, I had my own ‘show’ on WANT FM with my fabulous and fun friend, morning personality MJ Lucas. Each week we would have a live segment on the radio recapping the previous week. My favorite segment was having the twins, Ana and Betty on and having my buddy Delaine bring in a live piglet as a surprise. It was a hoot.

WLM: What is the most wonderful thing that’s happened as a result of starting your own line?

TB: Wow, I would have to say the wonderful support and interest in the jewelry that I designed and selected to be a part of my line. It’s so gratifying to know that there’s a whole wide world of ‘bling lovers’ out there!

WLM: You are going to be an empty nester soon with your youngest, Mia heading to college in Chicago and now Rush getting married. This is something that most of our readers can relate to. What›s your advice for parents who will soon face an empty nest?

TB: I wish I could tell you that I’m going to send her off with a smile but I fear there will be a lot of tears. My daughter is my best friend. I take comfort and consolation in knowing that Stan and I made a couple of really great people and that they have taken the completely natural steps toward independence and adulthood. What I would tell anyone else in my position is that this is also a beginning to a renewed relationship with my husband and I’m excited about the freedom that we’re going to have. Just remember that your children leaving home means that you did your job well. That’s what their supposed to do.

WLM: Where can we see more of your designs?

TB: I love to share my sparkle! Get your fab on with my Southern Swanky Bling! 

www.TinaBradyNashville.com – you can read my latest blogs, see what I’m wearing, see my horses and get the latest scoop on the show and my bling.

Click on ‘Music City Bling’ to see my collections.

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