ByBecky Andrews

Sep 25, 2010
Wilson Living Magazine - Beauty
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Wilson Living Magazine - BeautyI want to give you an insider scoop on beauty treatments of which many people are wary. One treatment that would fall into that category: laser hair removal.

Right NOW is the perfect time to make that appointment and save the aggravation of shaving. I’m sure razor burn is still fresh enough in your memory for you to be interested in a solution. Look no further than Skin Care Clinic to provide the remedy. The professionals at Skin Care Clinic were not only the most knowledgeable aesthetic staff I had ever encountered, but they were also extremely warm and friendly, explaining everything in detail as they treated me.

They were also very patient with my uneasiness. I had my bikini line done right before swimsuit season, which completely took the concern out of last minute pool or lake extravaganzas. Getting arm hair, facial hair, or anywhere you are self-conscious lasered is virtually pain-free, especially when applied with the numbing cream. The tiny prick that you occasionally encounter from the laser is minimal and very much worth the effort. The key reason you should make your appointment now is because the laser responds best to skin that has not been tanned. If you have naturally dark skin, you can still have this procedure done; it’s just that you do not want to purposefully increase color in your skin, as the laser responds to the dark pigment and zeros in on that to zap! I loved it and had a great experience with noticeable results. It was quick, easy, inexpensive, and enjoyable as they also let me jump on their scale each time I went to check body fat percentage, etc. (I bet you can talk them into this too). Make your appointment today and experience a worry-free summer.

Call Jaime at 449.3009.

Skin Care Clinic is located directly in front of UMC Hospital, Lebanon.


Erin Wants To Know: What is YOUR favorite skin care product you have ever used and why?

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Angel Kane - Kane & Crowell Family Law Center

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