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By ERIN BROWNSpray Tanning

It’s almost time for spring break vacations and that means minimal layers to wear. Unless you’re Nicole Kidman, think of a tan as a nice accessory to your skin.

When it comes to your complexion, you may want a little color; but obviously not want the wrinkles that come with it. And every time
you’ve tried sunless tanning yourself, you’ve ended up with streaks or even worse, brown patches! Been there, done that.

Why don’t you let a professional give you that flawless sun kissed glow? As an alternative to going into an automated booth and hoping for the best, have yourself sprayed by an actual human being who will be able to cater to the look you desire.

Just a few key things to remember as you prep yourself for spray tanning. Beforehand, you want to exfoliate with a good body scrub. I like La Source $21 from On-Call Medical in Lebanon (smells sooo yummy); or, if your finances are in a pinch, try St. Ives Apricot Invigorating Scrub for just $4 at Walgreens. Exfoliate the day before your spray tan, making sure to moisturize well afterwards. On the day of your tan, shower right before you go, making sure not to apply any lotion or make-up that would act as a barrier between the solution and your skin. You will have a glowing complexion in no time!

Expert Tip: If you are spray tanning for an event, give yourself a day to let the pigmentation fade, as it is at its most intense color the first day.

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About Erin

Erin Brown is a local resident of Wilson County and holds a four year degree in Apparel Design. Mid-way through school Erin took a Wilson Living Magazine - Erin Brownleap of faith, moving to Manhattan to gain priceless hands-on experience in her field. While there, she worked directly with such design teams as Ralph Lauren, J. Crew and her personal favorite, the Henri Bendel’s crew, located in the heart of the city. She also attended the incredibly prestigious New York Fashion Week numerous times, getting to hang backstage at Marc Jacobs, Luca Luca and Vera Wang among many others. Erin currently works as a freelance wardrobe stylist in Nashville.

Her latest wardrobe project was the recent music video shoot for Carrie Underwood’s song, “Temporary Home,” which was released mid-February.

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