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Beauty BuzzMAKE-UP:

Step 1: Apply a liquid mineral foundation all over until blended in.
Step 2: After the foundation is on, then apply concealer where it is needed.
Step 3: Apply blush to the apple of the cheek and cheekbones.
Step 4: Apply a matte soft shade of eyeshadow to the entire lid.
Step 5: Using an eyeliner pencil in blackest black, start at the outer corner of the eye and draw a line up towards the outer brow stopping half way up.
Step 6: Using the liner pencil, trace the upper lid from inner corner to outer corner of the eye, connecting the two lines.
Step 7: Now, start at the middle of the line you drew in step 5 and connect to the top of the line you drew in step 6. You should now have a small triangle. The bigger the triangle the more dramatic the cateye will be.
Step 8:Take a gel liner and either an angle brush or a definer brush to fill in your triangle.
Step 9: Finish off the cateye by using the gel liner to line the lower lid. Line the inner rim of the eye for an added dramatic effect.
Step 10: Lastly, apply a blackest black mascara. False lashes are fantastic for a dramatic look.


Step 1: Shampoo and condition hair with L’Oreal Professionel Vitamino Color Shampoo and Conditioner.
Step 2: Prep hair with L’Oreal Professionel Mousse Volupte. Use a golf ball size distributed evenly from root to ends.
Step 3: Blow dry hair with a paddle brush or with a round brush if more volume is desired.
Step 4: Set hair on hot rollers and allow to cool. For more defined, longer lasting curl spray each section with L’Oreal Professional’s Infinium #3.
Step 5: Bundle hair on side of head and wrap once with hair tie or rubber band.
Step 6: Start to pin up hair in sections and secure with bobby pins. Take smaller sections for tighter look.
Step 7: Spray hair with L’Oreal Professionel Infinium #3 for light hold. If a harder hold is desired, we recommend SFactor Vivacious Hairspray by TiGi.

Hair by Jackie Capps. Makeup by Danielle Teat, both of The Villa in Lebanon

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