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To create Chloe’s natural smoky eye:Beauty Buzz

Step 1: Apply a light pearl eye shadow all over eye lid.
Step 2: Apply a light brown shadow in the crease of the eye.
Step 3: Apply black eye liner on the top and bottom lashes.
Step 4: Using a smudge eye shadow brush and a dark brown shadow, go in small circular motions apply the dark shadow over the eye liner. This will soften the eyeliner.
Step 5: Using an eye shadow brush connect the dark shadow to the light brown shadow in the eye’s crease.
Step 6: Apply Natural Eye lashes.
Step 7: Apply Mascara to lashes finish this look with peach cheeks and lips.

NAILS: Hawaiian Orchid

HAIR: Chloe has natural straight hair with hair extensions added.

Step 1: Take hair at the crown of the head and back comb, with a boar bristled brush, 12 times. Do this all through the crown in 12 in sections.
Step 2: Pull the hair on top of the head back, and smooth over the back combed sections using the boars hair brush.
Step 3: Secure these sections with a bobby pin in a central area in the back of the head. Secure with a pretty bow or clip.
Step 4: Leave pieces around the face to frame and to make your features look softer.
Step 5: Secure side pieces of the hair to the central area in the back with a bobby pin.
Step 6: Bring remaining hair to one side, add a few pumps of Minardi Glistening Drops to smooth and shine the hair.
Step 7: Do a fishtail braid and secure at the bottom with a small hair elastic.
Step 8: Pull the braid out after securing to give it a looser appearance.
Step 9: Tie satin bow around the elastic band and finish with Minardi Flexible Finishing Spray.
Step 10: Finish off with a burst of Minardi Flexible Finishing Spray.

Hair and Make-up by Asante Master Artist, Jennie Walpole and Kim Bush and assisted by Jr. Artist Nikki Womack

Angel Kane - Kane & Crowell Family Law Center

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