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MAKE-UP:Beauty Buzz

To achieve Sarahs look: her face very clean, only using airbrushed foundation and powder.

Step 1: Apply glam lashes and mascara to eyes
Step 2 : Line lips with a garnet red lip liner
Step 3: Apply Garnet Lip stick

NAILS: OPI- Not Really a Waitress red

HAIR: Sarah has naturally curly hair

Step 1: Apply a dime size of Minardi Luxury Color Care Subdue to towel dried hair
Step 2: Part hair down the middle and do a soft braid and put hair under dryer or *sleep on it*
Step 3: Take FULLY dried braid down
Step 4: Using the straightening iron at the top of the head about 2 inches down to create a very smooth look on top.
Step 5: Using the hair wand wrap 1/2 in subsections around for 10 seconds. Follow this pattern around the head.
Step 6: On each side of the head, braid a small braid above the ears and in the back with a bobby pin.
Step 7: OPTIONAL -for a soft look: using only your fingers lightly pick through the curls you made with the wand for an edgier look like Sarah take the curls at the bottom of the hair and slide your fingers up each strand. This will create more volume and texture.
Step 8: Finish with Joicos Humidity Blocker to keep the frizz away

Hair and Make-up by Asante Master Artist, Jennie Walpole and Kim Bush and assisted by Jr. Artist Nikki Womack

Angel Kane - Kane & Crowell Family Law Center

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