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To achieve Scarletts look:


Step 1: Using a black eye liner starting in the corner of the the top lid and following the top lash create a point at the outside edge of each eye.Beauty Buzz
Step 2: Repeat on the bottom and connect the points at the corner of the eye.
Step 3: Take a small eye shadow brush and go over the top of the black eye liner to create a bolder look.
Step 4: Apply fake glam eye lashes.
Step 5: Apply mascara.


Step 1: Line lips using a red lip liner.
Step 2: Apply a really red lip stick.
Step 3: Apply loose powder over the top of the lipstick (this makes it set).
Step 4: Apply lipstick again. *If you want a glossy look apply lipgloss instead of lipstick the second time*

NAILS: OPI- Light My Sapphire

HAIR: Scarlett has naturally wavy hair.

Step 1: Apply a pea sized mixture of Hans De Fuko Scheme Creme and Quick Sand to the base of the head on clean, dry hair.
Step 2: Part the hair of ear to ear.
Step 3: Using a small toothe comb and using a lot of tension pull the back part of the hair up on the crown of the head and secure with a hair tie.
Step 4: Again, using the small tooth comb and a lot of tension, (to keep the hair smooth), connect the hair on the top  to the hair in the previous section and securing with a second hair tie.
Step 5: Take the pony tail (that should be on top of the head) and in three sections smooth it with the flat iron.
Step 6: Take section one and wrap it around the base of the pony tail going to the right and secure with a bobby pin. Section 2 going to the left around the pony tail and secure with a bobby pin. Section three going to the right around the pony tail and pin.
Step 7: Using Minardi Flexible Finishing Spray smooth out all the fly aways to finish this glamorous look.

Hair and Make-up by Asante Master Artist, Jennie Walpole and Kim Bush and assisted by Jr. Artist Nikki Womack 

Angel Kane - Kane & Crowell Family Law Center

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