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Jan 16, 2011
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An exclusive with Sean Decuers of Rita Hazan Salon in New York

WLM - Sean DecuersWith all the awards shows swiftly around the corner, a girl in-the-know may want the look she covets “as seen on TV” for upcoming holidays. Alas, it can be quite tricky pulling off the professional looks flawlessly. Always aspiring to be in the forefront of the style pack, I asked my dear stylist friend, Sean Decuers of Rita Hazan Salon in New York, what we may expect the biggest celebrities to be wearing and how a fabulous everyday fashionista can achieve the exact same look with minimal effort!

E. With an excess of award show red carpets right around the corner, what’s your prediction as to how the “pretty young things” of Hollywood will be wearing their hair? What style trends are you seeing in New York?

Three key styles you will see this winter: low bun, low pony, and 40’s waves. My prediction is lots of “urban warrior glamour”. By that, I mean very powerful ponytails and pretty buns that have been somewhat disheveled.

E.  How does a regular girl achieve that pony or bun look?

When you pull your hair smoothly back into a pony, I recommend using a Mason-Pearson Brush. Every professional stylist backstage at the largest fashion shows in the world has at least one of these brushes in their kit, because a Mason-Pearson is a tried and true quality brush that has been around since the late 1800’s. Every woman needs one for day-to-day and they last forever. Anyway, pull your hair back in a tight ponytail, minimal product-no hairspray, and take your fingertips to slightly ruff up the small hairs around the edge of your hairline, around your face. It softens and takes away the overdone look. It’s sexy. If you are wearing a bun, do the same thing and pull a few small pieces out of the actual bun to muss up the look. It adds a texturized edge.

E.  Well, having recently perfected the perfect spirals of last winter, how do I transition into the softer 1940’s wave?

Not so difficult. Think Bridgett Bardot or Jessica Rabbit. Remember hot rollers? Same concept but use a 1” barrel curling iron. You’re going to want to stay on the small side with the curling iron; whatever curls you make are going to eventually loosen up after being brushed through and you are wanting to maintain an adequate amount of curl throughout the day or your event. So using the 1” barrel iron, pull your long hair back (like a Mohawk) down the middle. Start your style by clipping top middle section up and starting at the bottom, rolling section by section, pinning with a thin clip as you finish each curl. Then do your side locks, rolling each curl horizontally (like hot rollers), rather than a 2009 vertical spiral. Undo small clips after 10 minutes and run a wide tooth comb or your fingers lightly through to create an airy, sexy feminine look.

E.  How would you recommend women with shorter locks wear their look?

It’s all about cut with shorter hair. An A-line bob like Rihanna rocks is amazing and so now.

E.  As a simple overview, what must we not forget?

It’s all about slight volume, center part and long bangs. Forget faceframing layers this winter-let it grow, create weight and volume. You want a mussed up look. Minimal product. I call it disheveled elegance.

E.  Sounds sexy… but one question; middle part is sometimes difficult for fuller faces to pull off….

It is more difficult for people with a round face. If you have a fuller face, get the same effect, less harsh, by parting only slightly to the side.

E. I know you focus mainly on cutting and styling, but you work in one of the most prestigious salons in the world, with renowned colorist, Rita Hazan. What color trends are you seeing in your New York salons that will translate across the U.S. this season?

I see lots of almonds, chestnuts and chocolates. Bold, beautiful, rich colors and shiny; nothing matte or harsh this season. Tonal.

E.  Are you still seeing the Ombre color this winter?

The Ombre technique strikes as a summer thing or very L.A.

E. Sounds like you are over it. What hair trends are done in your expert opinion?

Forget the harsh spiral curl—definitely forget the stick-straight hair…soften/loosen things up.

E. With the harsh cold of winter, is there any treatment you would recommend for my over-colored and under-nurtured dry locks?

I would definitely recommend a keratin treatment every 4 months. It will not weigh your hair down nor prevent curl, but it will reduce any frizziness, moisturize and extend the life of your color.

E.  Perfect. I feel well-equipped to transition my look seamlessly and healthfully from fall to winter… On a personal note, I know your amazing work has been featured on some of the most popular television shows and in the largest publications around the world such as Oprah, E! News, The Today Show, Fashion Police, Allure magazine, Lucky, Shape, Good Housekeeping, and Gotham magazine among many, many others. Your looks on models have graced countless runway shows from the largest designers each season, around the world. Out of all of those amazing experiences that people would absolutely die for, what would you say your biggest career accomplishment has been?

Some of the shows backstage at New York Fashion Week are extremely addicting the more you do each season—especially the big ones like Ralph Lauren or Marc Jacobs. So many brilliant people and artists are in one place for the largest runway shows in the world. It was also amazing being “lead hairstylist” (director of creative hair looks) for Marchesa one season. Of course, Oprah is a surreal pinnacle to anyone’s career. I’ve had some exciting experiences; what can I say? I love making women beautiful.

Next time you are in New York City, you can visit Sean Decuers at the exclusive Rita Hazan salon. Book early to schedule an appointment. (212 586-4343)

Angel Kane - Kane & Crowell Family Law Center

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