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         Sept/Oct 2014 Features

      A Note From the Founders  

10     Sabrina – Out On the Town

11     Upcoming Events
         Meet Your Neighbor
12     “Empty Bowls” benefit serves up compassion 

         City Between the Lakes
16     14 year-old “races” to his dream

         About Town
22    Clint’s Crusaders WILL NOT give up hope   

         Looking Ahead
26    What’s in Store for the 2014 Holiday Expo and GALA


         Sept/Oct 2014 Features

         Coming Home 
   “Fall” in love with this season’s home decorating tips   

         Spotlight On
33     Notes for Nurses

         About Town
37     Lebanon’s St. Frances Cabrini Catholic Church

         Living in the Past
40     Meet the LHS Football team’s most loyal fans

         Finding Your Piece Of The Good Life
45     Read about the new face at Wilson Living



Current Edition’s Table Of Contents

         July/August 2014 Features

      A Note From the Founders  

10     Sabrina – Out On the Town

11     Upcoming Events
         Meet Your Neighbor
Brandon & Linlee Allen share their love of home 

         City Between the Lakes
22     Sonny’s Cafe in Mt. Juliet

         About Town
26     Del Webb – Five Star Living AND Five Star Giving   

         Spotlight On
Re-writing the Rules After Retirement

         Wilson County Fair Favorite
34     Love of Trains Lives On        

         July/August 2014 Features

         Styles & Trends
Tina Brady showcases sparkle with Music City Bling

         Coming Home
41     Twelve Ideas for Back to School

43     America an Exceptional Nation

         Q & A Amber
45     Never Lose Sight of your Shore 

         Around the Bend
47     Cordell Hull Bridge in Smith County reopens 

         Living in the Past
56     The Food and Tradition of Snow White Drive-In

         Piece of the Good Life
 MJ Lucas bestows blessings of the “Good Life”



Table Of Contents – May June 2014



         May/June 2014 Features

4       A Note From the Founders  

8       Sabrina – Out On the Town

9       Upcoming Events
         Meet Your Neighbor
The Austermillers

         Spotlight On
21     Joy Church International

         Hometown Living
26     Feast on Friendliness at Al’s Foodland   

About the Cover

Models: Nick Mitchell & Alexandria Eva

The White Room – Lebanon, TN
Silpada Designs – Ramona Welch

The Beauty Boutique – Laura Beth Ray, Kaitlyn Graves 

         May/June 2014 Features

        Styles and Trends 
32    Wedding Resource Guide
34    The Fashion
40    The Jewels
41    The Big Day
42    The Bridal Boot Camp
44    The Perfect Gift 
46    The Planning
48    The Venue  

         Living in the Past
52     A Love for the Ages

         Piece of the Good Life
 Will you Marry Me?


About the Cover (cont.) 

The Beauty Boutique – Necole Bell

Amy Rich Photography
Kindred Moments Photography 

Creative Concept: 
Becky Andrews, Erin Brown, Scott Harris 


The Austermillers




Wilson County residents and owners of Austermiller Roofing, Roger and Penny Austermiller, weren’t planning to purchase and devote nearly a year completely renovating a French, country style home located on the west end of Lebanon.

In fact, they were searching for a piece of land in which they could build their dream home……

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Table Of Contents – Mar Apr 2014



         Mar/Apr 2014 Features

6       Notes From Founders  

10     Sabrina Out On the Town

11     Calendar of Events
         Meet Your Neighbor
Joseph’s Storehouse Feeds the Hungry

         About Town
18     Donelson Christian Academy

         Hometown Heroes
21     A Comforting Constant in an Ever Changing World                                                             
         Styles and Trends
28     Local to You

         Spotlight On
32     Women in Politics 

         Mar/Apr 2014 Features

         Celebrate Home
38     Cash in your Closet

         Q & Amber
40     Your Emotional Closet

 Grieving with Hope

         City Between The Lakes
 Cure For the Common Cookie

         Around the Bend
 Dessert Queen of Pleasant Shade 

         Living in the Moment
51     Made In the Glade

         Finding Your Piece Of the Good Life
In Memory Of Jere McCulloch

         Susan Bowman Story
         Out of the Ashes Rise the Angels

ON THE COVER: Celebrating Women

Jere McCulloch

Jere McCulloch

Jere McCulloch


“What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others”  – Pericles

For some men, we erect monuments to mark the achievements of their lives and to remember their passing.  These monuments can take many forms — 

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Table Of Contents – Jan/Feb 2014

January - February 2014 Edition - Wilson Living Magazine

January - February 2014 Edition - Wilson Living Magazine

 Jan / Feb 2014 Features

6       Notes From Founders

8       Sabrina Out On the Town

9       Calendar of Events

         Meet Your Neighbor
Watermelon Moon Farm

         Special Feature
18     D.T.McCall & Sons

About Town
24     A Chocolate Affair                                                                

         Styles and Trends
 WLM’s Shelley Satterfield Weight-loss Journey with Skin Care Clinic 

         Jan / Feb 2014 Features

Q & Amber
38     The Solution to your Resolutions

Celebrate Home
Helping you Organize & Decorate

Spotlight On
44     Common Sense Leadership 

        Living in the Past
48     DeFord Bailey The Harmonica Wizard

         Piece Of Good Life
51     Out of the Ashes Rise the Angels


ON THE COVER: Watermelon Moon Farm

Front Cover Photo: Donna Neely

Out Of The Ashes Rise Angels

Susan Bowman Out Of The Ashes Rises The Angels

Susan Bowman - Out Of The Ashes Rises The AngelsDuring the summer of 2005 our family activities were in full swing. Having just come back from the beach, our plate was full with school about to start back. The date was July 13th, 2005 and I was doing my usual “mom” things, picking up Austin and Schuyler from VBS at  College Hills Church of Christ, then driving to Wilson Central to pick up Ali from high school orientation.  

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Current Edition’s Table Of Contents


 Nov / Dec 2013 Features

6       Notes From Founders

8       Sabrina Out On the Town

9       Calendar of Events

         Meet Your Neighbor
Watertown’s Candy Makers

         Special Feature
20     Where in the World is Christina?
22     Holiday Delights

         Spotlight On
The Art Mill – Mt Juliet

About Town
28     Teddy Bears Of Love

32     Hometown Heroes
         25 Years Later

         Around The Bend
36     Hartsville’s Goose Gala

         City Between the Lakes
Mt. Juliet’s Help Center

         Styles and Trends
An Interview with Locks and Lashes
42     Wilson County Style Stars

         Nov / Dec 2013 Features

         The Good Life
WLM Holiday Expo

         Living in the Moment
Chad’s Winter Wonderland

         Living in the Past
Cookies, Ornaments & Traditions

         Piece Of Good Life
69     Finding Purpose.. Behind the Eight Ball

ON THE COVER: This year commemorates the 30th anniversary of the acclaimed movie, A Christmas Story, based on the writings of humorist Jean Shepherd. Wilson Living Magazine is a proud sponsor of McClain Christian Academy’s Drama Club stage production of this Christmas classic.

A Christmas Story lovingly reminisces about a Christmaspast in the 1940’s with Ralphie, his family and friends. They pursue their Christmas dreams of the perfect turkey, ‘Fra-gee-lay’ leg lamps, and the ultimate gift, the official Red Ryder 200-Shot Carbine Action Range Model Air Rifle.

A perfect show for the whole family at the newly renovated Capitol Theatre on December 7th. Doors open at 6PM. For tickets call McClain Christian Academy’s Main Campus at 615-444-2678.

Front Cover Photo: Courtesy of MCA Images

Table Of Contents – Sept/Oct 2013


         Sept / Oct 2013 Features

6       Notes From Founders  

8       Sabrina Out On the Town

9       Calendar of Events
12     Meet Your Neighbor
 Screen Gem Sparkles Anew

22     Special Feature
         Cruise In.. and stay a while

28     About Town
Cemetry Walk
32     Hometown Heroes
         How Do You Define a Hero?

36     Around The Bend
         Glory of Granville

38     City Between the Lakes
Courtney’s Restaurant & Catering


         Sept / Oct 2013 Features

40     Styles and Trends
41     October Playfulness 
44     An Interview With Crystal Couture

46     Coming Home
Adoring Autumn

47     Good Things
Tips To Throw a Game

48     Senior Living
 Senior Citizens Centers

52     DownHome Politics
Get Involved Vote

54     Entertainment
         Stardust Drive-In

56     Living In the Past
         In Search Of the Lost Sheriff

60     Reflections

61     Piece Of Good Life
         Taking a Leap leads to the Good Life 

COVER PHOTO by Jana Pastors

Resin Jewelry-The summers best accessory!


Summer jewelry is fun and colorful.  Taking center stage this summer is brightly colored resin jewelry.  This is not the Lucite jewelry that was worn in the 1970’s, it has texture, finesse and style. Not sure how to wear color?  Add it with your accessories!




Resin is available in a wide range of designs that incorporate durability and chic functionality.  No worries with metal allergies!  Casual to formal your resin pieces will be well worth the investment, they will have longevity.



Resin is available in a wide array of


Resin is my go to accessory this summer.  Wearing two necklaces and a scarf, link bracelet with a bangle, stretch and metal and then you can incorporate your earrings.  The combinations are endless.  Enjoy the fun of the mix and match, enjoy the bright colors and most importantly enjoy your accessories!


Form vs Function or is it Style vs Protection


Form vs Function or is it Style vs Protection

Summers must have accessory is not a great pair of sandals, straw hat or a beach bag!

The must have accessory is both form and function; as well as style and protection…sunglasses!                     


This summer Statement

Statement Glasses are fun and whimsical but if you are a bit more practical, there are many different styles available so make sure you are choosing the best frame for your face shape:


  • Oval:   Lucky!!  You can wear most any shape frame…have fun!
  • Round:  do not give into the temptation of

    Have fun with different colors to wear with different outfits.  You can purchase a few pairs of

    Keep in mind, have fun!  Be whimsical or not, it is up to you.  Sunglasses can add that much needed punch of personality, color or design to your everyday wardrobe!


  • July 4th…what’s your favorite holiday memory?


    Independence Day!

    I was asked recently what was my fondest memory of the 4th of July and I knew immediately the answer–Sunday, July 4, 1976!  Most of the time you have to think about such an iconic holiday.  Where was I?  Which bbq, pool, park or family celebration were we attending and what happened.



    Not for me, this answer was easy!


    1976–the year of Halston!  He designs uniforms for many high profile commercial businesses.  Braniff Airlines, Avis Car Rental and The Girl Scouts (could this be why I always wanted to wear my uniform?)  Most prestigious uniform request came from the US Olympic Committee, he was asked to design the US Olympic Uniform!  He had just released his first fragrance and was riding high as a top American Designer.



    But that was not the only American Icon on the scene.  We were introduced to Jiggle TV–yes, Charlies Angels.  This crime drama was an original because women had not been showcased in this way before, in a role that was traditionally male dominated.  Kate Jackson, Farrah Fawcett-Majors and Jaclyn Smith were the three original Angels that were tough, beautiful and fashionable!  Wednesday nights were always a winner in our house…I was able to stay up and watch Charlies Angels if my homework was complete and all other chores were done.  It was a good night.

    What is your fondest memory of this summer holiday?  July 4, what does it mean to you?  Are you reminded of the 52 founding fathers that signed the Declaration of Independence on July 2, 1776? Is the holiday a family day of fun and frolic?  Or is it a day to reflect on all we have accomplished in the past 237 years.

    For me, I always think of the Bicentennial each ID4.  Growing up in Philadelphia I was very aware of our Revolutionary War history.  The Liberty Bell.  The Bicentennial Bell.  Independence Hall.  Betsey Ross.  Valley Forge…and so much more.  July 4, 1976 was the year of our Bicentennial–our 200 year celebration of independence!  What more could a kid ask for when living in Philadelphia.  It seemed that the celebration went on for a year but the highlight was that warm Sunday in July.

    President Ford speaking to a crowd at Independence Hall, then ringing the Bicentennial Bell (cannot ring the Liberty Bell…it has a crack!).  Then off to the parade, and boy what a parade it was.  Everyone was patriotic, wearing their red white and blue.  Kind to each other.  Reminded of why we were all there.  Italian Ice, Cheese Steak Sandwich, Italian Market and Soft Pretzels.  What a fun day!

    I hope your ID4 is the best ever and you have as many fond memories of this wonderful holiday as I do!

    Summer is here…


    Summer has officially arrived and that means the flat summer sandal is a must have item! It does not matter if it is day or evening, a yogurt run or a trip to the pool…your summer staple is the cute, flat  and whimsical sandal.  IT IS A MUST HAVE.  As much as I LOVE my heels, and that is an understatement, I adore the time of year when I can wear cute strappy flats.



    Metallics and embellished sandals are the shiny addition to any summer wardrobe no matter what age. Metallics are neutral in color so they will match most any summer gear!  Just because these are flats does not mean they don’t have personality. – See more at:


    Strappy flats are fun and casual but ankle straps and strappy sandals that are higher on the instep and ankle are not best for streamlining the leg. These cute pieces of footwear can cut the look and your legs may appear shorter. When wearing shorter dresses and shorts the cleaner the line the longer the leg.  I have several styles of Gladiator Sandals and just adore them…but try to wear them with the longer skirt, capri or skinny. – See more at:


    Colors! Colors! Colors! Who doesn’t like bright and cheerful colors, especially when your legs are tan and toned! When purchasing your ‘out of the box’ colors for summer, look for your trend. What colors are you wearing? Is Emerald Green, African Violet or Nectarine your color of choice? You can mix and match but still have personality!  Don’t worry, animal print is not just for fall anymore. – See more at:



    I enjoyed the mix of color, texture and personality so much, this picture had to be included…even thought it is not a flat! One final item, ladies and it may be the most important part…don’t forget your summer pedicure. Nothing enhances your sandals the way a fresh pedicure does! – See more at:


    Table Of Contents – July Aug 13



             July / Aug 2013 Features

    6       Notes From Founders  

    6       Founder’s Favorites

    8       Sabrina Out Of Town

    9       Calendar of Events
    12     Meet Your Neighbor
     Home of the Free, because of the Brave

    16     Dining With Doc
             A local favorite comes back home 
    19     Hometown Heroes
             Build them up now

    24     City Between the Lakes
    Encore offers high quality Community Theatre

    26     Good Things
     Summer in the South     

             July  / Aug 2013 Features

    28     WLM Special Feature
    Meet the Real Housewives of Middle Tennessee 

             Styles and Trends
    37     Summer Style – Sunglasses Styles 
    Skincare for Teens
    40     Mom Jeans No More  

    41     Coming Home
    Sweet Summertime

    43     Reflections
    Keeping IT together

    44     Around the Bend
     Remembering Rome Ferry

    50     DownHome Politics
    The Three C’s of Politics

    51     Piece Of The Good Life
             It takes a Village to find the Good Life    


    The Real Housewives of Middle Tennessee – find out how they tackle parenthood.. one laugh at a time

    Father’s Day and Daddy’s Little Girl


    A father love is ever lasting…

    It is true that Fathers influence their daughters fashion…and I don’t mean “that skirt should be longer” or “that top is too tight”.  Fathers have a wonderful influence on their daughters thru decision making, leadership, guidance but more importantly, a fathers influence starts from day one!  Remember, your father is the first man in your life that tells you how beautiful you are no matter what you are doing.
    Thanks Dad!!
    Now, my fathers influence goes much deeper than this.  I BLAME (lovingly) my sweet daddy on my Shoe Addiction (there I said it, I have a problem…)  Growing up in a retail family, we were in the rag business from way back…but wait!  Dad had a shoe store…yes, retail nirvana for any young lady.  I was about 15 when my parents decided the clothing business was the new path to take.  So think about it, I had the best of all worlds!!
    All access to all shoes all the time!!
    Oh my!  I did start wearing high heels at a young age (do you suppose that is why I can stand in 6 inch heels all day?).  I have always said that I wear a size 9, but and 8 feels so good, I will wear a 10.  (yes, I stole that line and made it my own from Dolly Parton in Steel Magnolias, but it is the truth)  Shoes!  Shoes!  Shoes!  Thanks dad!
    I am a very fortunate business owner and daughter.  My dad (well, both my parents really) are a huge part of my business and personal life.  They come to work and help us with the future of our family business.  It is the guidance, the love and support that I (both myself and my sister) have received from Daddy all of our lives that allows us to be the women we are today.

    The unofficial start of summer…Memorial Day!


    What does Memorial Day mean to you?  Was it the unofficial start to summer, bbq, beach and bathing suits?  Was it spent cleaning out your closet and putting away your winter clothes and pulling out your white pants, shoes and accessories?  Or did you go shopping for the kick off of summer fashion?  No matter what you did, I hope you had fun, incorporated all of these activities and also thanked a service member for their commitment!

    Memorial Day and Fear of Fashion…how do these go together?  With MD (Memorial Day for short) being the ‘break free’ holiday…most kids are out of school, weather is warm and we want to hit the beach, the pool or sprinkler, days are longer and the moon appears to be a bit brighter, we find ourselves outside more.  I remember as a child growing up in Pennsylvania, we would go ‘Down the Shore’ each MD and that was something we looked forward to all winter!  Atlantic City Beach, the boardwalk, Steel Pier and so much more!  Long lazy days at the beach and late nights on the boardwalk…who could ask for anymore.  But there was prep, a lot of prep, before you would go down the shore.  Had to find the right bathing suit (you would be seeing friends and family you had not seen in months), the perfect sun dress, sandals, shorts and so much more.  It was the time of year you could wear white and it was perfectly acceptable!


    If Memorial Day was when you could officially wear white, what was Easter?  How did Labor Day effect your style?  What about…well, there are so many holidays and so much fashion!  Let’s think about tradition, Easter was the first big spring time holiday and all the girls are looking for a spring dress and I believe this is where my addiction to shoes started, with Easter.  Specifically, black patent leather Mary Jane Shoes.  Easter meant a new dress and new shoes.  Since it was Easter you could wear patent leather shoes with your pretty spring dress.  Then came Memorial Day which meant bathing suits, summer dresses, shorts and tanks but most importantly, it was not official, you could wear white!  White Jeans.  White Shoes.  White Anything.  White is now ok but only until Labor Day.  Once Labor Day arrives, summer is over.  No more patent leather shoes, no more sandals and we better put away the white (at least until next Memorial Day).


    As I become melancholy for “the shore” I have to admit, not only did we go down the shore but the family lived there for several years…so, yes, we lived down the shore!  Your sleepy town during the winter increases 4 times during the summer.  You have family & friends visiting and so much more happening between Memorial Day and Labor Day.  A life time of teenage fun was crammed in those few weeks.  How do you explain what these holidays mean from fashion to family.  What do these holidays represent to you?  Are they markers on your calendar on when to accomplish a task, celebrate an event, be thankful for freedom, or just to remind you when you can wear white pants?  No matter how you celebrate your holidays, always remember to be safe!


    Bermuda Shorts…or not to shorts?


    Shorts are always a big part of your spring wardrobe no matter what your age. 

    It seems (with good reason) that the younger you are the shorter the shorts…


    But…are bermuda shorts right for you?  They are shorter than capris but longer than Daisy Dukes, Bermuda Shorts or Walking Shorts, are a great way to show off your legs without showing too much skin.  These are no longer reserved for women golfers!  Spring 2013 Runways were full of shorts with matching blazers, blouses or little t’s.  A stylish must have this season!


    If not worn well, shorts can be one of the most difficult basics because they appear to be intimidating.  But let me assure you-these are easy to wear (you just may need a few tips).  Keep in mind these wardrobe staples can be worn to work, out to dinner or even a Sunday Brunch! 


    Helpful Short Hints

    • Weekend Casual—slouchy boyfriend denim
    • Daytime—tailored or slim leg

    Think of wearing the tailored or slim leg instead of wearing a pencil skirt

    • Fun & Funky—wear high waisted bermudas with a cinched in waist and wide belt (great to show off a small waist and create a smaller hip)
    • Flowey or Drapey—will add volume to a slim boyish shape

    My favorite is to take a pair of tailored bermuda shorts and pair them with a sky high pair of heels, a dressed up tank and a blazer.  This is my personal warm weather go to fashion staple!


    Before wearing your shorts to work—think!  Are my shorts just as tailored as my trousers?  Is my work environment a creative environment that will welcome my individual fashion statement or is it a strict corporate dress code that needs to be followed to the letter of the code. 

    Mother’s Day 2013…the mother of all fashion


    With Mother’s Day just around the corner, I have been thinking of how my mother helped us have no Fear of Fashion!  What were her influences?  How has she helped mold us into the women that we are today?


     (mom, sissi and dad)

      I always remember mom telling us to ‘dress for success’.  Style is personal but you should always dress so that no matter whom you see, meet or have a conversation with, you will never, ever, worry ‘did I have my best foot forward’ (metaphorically speaking that is).

     She managed to showed us many wonderful traits that I still use today (yes mom, we listened!).  For example, she always helped us understand how to extend our wardrobe buy incorporating basic items with trendy fashions.  Basics such as the little black dress (LBD), those high waisted black trousers (was it you that gave me my addiction to black clothing?) or the crisp white blouse are needed and can be worn from season to season. 


    Mom was always there to help us put together the right outfit no matter where we were going.  It did not matter if we were young women going out into the world for our first academic banquet or our first job interview, mom was there guiding us every step of the way.  As a matter of fact, she is still there today telling us (guiding us) with suggestions to keep us looking our best.  She is the voice in our head.

     Not only did she effect positive change in what we wore (now that I am much older I can say positive change), she did a lot of what we like to call the ‘behind the scenes’ of fashion.  How a great seamstress makes all the difference in the world.  I don’t know about you but I have to alter most all trousers (length or waist).  Jackets and blouses…not all sizes fit all women.  What a difference a seamstress makes!  How to hang your clothes, why to hang your clothes and how the correct hanger can play such an important role in the longevity of your clothing.  Why certain laundry detergents are better than others, why to hang vs lay flat and (here is the big one) why the dryer is not your friend! 

     Did you think that cleaning up your closet was only because mom didn’t want the mess?  So much of it was to help with the longevity of your clothing and teaching responsibility and respect.  Mom does really know best…


    Don’t forget to thank your mom not only this holiday but remember that she is important in your life and thank her often.  My sissi and I are fortunate enough to have our mom close and to be a big part of our lives.  We get to hear her sage advise often (yes, sometimes it is more often than we want but that is our mom!)  Thanks mom for all that you have done to help us be the women we are today!  Not only do we have no Fear of Fashion, we are women with our own style!