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The Robertson Family Restoration

The Robertson Homestead in Wilson County, TN

Jean Robertson never imagined that while on a leisurely drive one afternoon in 1985 that she would stumble upon her dream home. “The owner, Ms. McClanahan was sitting on the front porch and I just wanted to ask her some questions about the home. The more we talked the more interested I became until she finally said ‘I’m selling it if you want it, make me an offer’ I did. Then thought about how I was going to break the news to John.”

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Horn Springs Resort

Horn Springs Resort

Once upon a time in Lebanon, Tennessee a full service hotel sat on the west side of town. The establishment offered up a gourmet dining experience, bowling alley and dance hall. But the most important and perhaps the biggest draw to Horn Springs Resort was the mineral water that was tapped, bottled and sold to guests. Continue reading “Horn Springs Resort”