An Interview with Nominee Teacher of the Year

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An Interview with Nominee Teacher of the Year, Barbara Hallums

EB: Where do you currently teach?

BH: Lebanon High School …where I teach several courses.

EB: What are the courses you are involved in?

BH: Honors Algebra II, ACT Prep, Discrete Math.

EB: How long have you taught teens?

BH: 21 years.

EB: Why did you originally decide to go into the teaching profession?

BH: I love numbers and I’m a people person who enjoys working with young people. I graduated with an Accounting degree from Belmont University, and after doing accounting for several years, decided to go into education. I received my Math and Education degrees from Cumberland University.

EB: Why did you choose to teach secondary instead of elementary grades?

BH: I always knew I liked to work with the older students, who could understand my expectations. I communicate best with the older students.

EB: What do you most enjoy about teaching?

BH: I love the interaction; seeing the students grow and develop into young people who can appreciate your desire for their success in life. I also LOVE all the technology in my classroom because students relate to it–we all learn.

EB: You coached girls’ basketball for several years.

BH:Yes, I coached for 13 years.

EB: What basketball position did you formerly play?

BH: I played guard in high school because we played 6 on 6. In college at Belmont, I had the position of point guard.

EB: What teachers, from your past, made the most positive influence on your life and in what way?

BH: Pat Climer, Sue Comer, and Grace Pack …to name just a few. I had a wonderful academic experience in school.

EB: What are some of your goals after retirement?

BH: To enjoy family, grandbabies, travel, and to continue running and working out.

EB: What advice can you give to parents regarding “making it through the often challenging teen years?”

BH: Listen to your children and know their friends.

EB: It’s almost Mother’s Day…..what is the best lesson your mother taught you?

BH: To never stop learning.

Angel Kane - Kane & Crowell Family Law Center

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