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By Erin Brown

Wilson Living Magazine - Erin BrownAs we are progressing towards a fab fall, keep in mind, September is the best time of the year in the fashion world. There are consistently so many new trends to try. Prettify yourself ladies. Which trend has your name on it? A lot of things from past seasons are repeating this season such as: skinny jeans (yes, you can!), outrageously tall boots, military inspired clothing with a new silhouette, extremely large hoods, bustiers, romantic lace and florals. The color of grey is still huge along with a palette of canvas nude tones. These were all here and all translating into fall.

The newest and trickiest trend of this fall is mixing denim. It takes full spotlight this season. For the brave, denim flush, head to toe is the only way to rock it when showcasing your fashion chops. You will find denim in cute shirt-dresses, button up tops, and of course, denim pants. I will tell you on page 49 how to walk the precarious line of keeping this look current.

This issue we are focusing on your autumn wardrobe at a slightly slimmer price point. With the recent devastation from the flood, Prime Outlets in Lebanon has had its own refreshing makeover with new stores for you to shop for your fall staples.

In our first ever Wilson Living reader makeover, which YOU participated in, our winner, Rachel Fletcher, is featured wearing fashions exclusively plucked from Prime Outlets. I want to show you what perfect finds you can buy close to home, like the luxe leather jacket from the Banana Republic outlet on page 48. Check Rachel out on page 48; see how her everyday self-described “blah” look was kicked to the curb without traveling far.

Makeovers in mind, I bit the bullet in the name of beauty and fashion, for you, my dear readers and tried laser hair removal to just see how painful it would be. Comfortable it was not; but the results make me want to encourage you to book your appointment now, as summer is rapidly coming to a close. It is perfect timing….You’ll read why on page 51.

Lastly, I hope you settle in with me and take a moment to relax and just enjoy the last remnants of summer.

You can contact Erin at erin@wilsonlivingmagazine.com

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