WLM - Proudly staniding in front of the new outdoor showroom - L to R: Don Chambers, Glen Chambers, Kellie Mires, B.F "Jack" Lowery and Jack D Lowery
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WLM - Proudly staniding in front of the new outdoor showroom - L to R: Don Chambers, Glen Chambers, Kellie Mires, B.F "Jack" Lowery and Jack D LoweryWhen home sales started to slump a few years ago it forced many of us to reevaluate. Instead of buying a new ‘American Dream’ many had the bright idea to stay put and transform their current home. And transform they did…the backyard, side yard and porch. The silver lining of the real estate slump is outdoor living spaces. One local company has decided to make it easier than ever to create the outdoor space you’ve dreamed about and more affordable than ever.

Lojac, a name synonymous with road construction, brick and block products has now expanded their expertise and product line. Lojac Materials, a division of Lojac, can now also help with every aspect of creating the perfect outdoor entertainment area that will help you enhance your home and enrich your lifestyle. LoJac makes it easy for homeowners and contractors to create a beautiful outdoor living space with just the right style of stone or masonry, along with a complete selection of outdoor fireplaces, fire pits, and a complete outdoor kitchen.

On May 19th Lojac officially introduced their new product line to the public at a block party where attendees including former Tennessee Titan, Blaine Bishop got to take a hands-on tour of their outdoor living products at the outdoor showroom in their Lebanon location. This extraordinary hardscape display area is the first of its kind in Middle Tennessee, and it’s available to walk through 24 hours a day. Lojac personnel can help you customize the right outdoor living space to fit any home’s architectural style, your budget and family entertainment needs.WLM - Local Business professionals tour the Lojac Materials facility

Materials Operations Manager, Ron Bridges is excited to see Lojac at the forefront of the outdoor living boom. “This is an area of home construction and home improvement that in the past has been overlooked. But now we are realizing just how important it is to enjoy every area of our home. You take care of creating new memories with your family outside and Lojac will take care of adding an outdoor entertainment area that makes a real-world difference in the beauty and enjoyment of being at home.”

The new outdoor showroom is open to the public and is located at 1401 Toshiba Drive in Lebanon. For more information call (615) 449-1401

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