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By Angel Kane

For several years now, I’ve been fascinated by all the “organic” offerings in my sister-in-law’s home.

Opening her fridge or cupboard, is like looking into a health food store. Most everything is organic and healthy for you. There are no sodas, added sugars or antibiotic laced dairy products anywhere to be found in her house… and believe me, I’ve looked and looked!

As much as I poke fun at her for being so granola, deep down, I know that her hard core  nutritional ways are a good thing. And so, in an attempt to be a better person in 2016 ( it’s still January right?), I made the decision to stop at Whole Foods Market while we were out and about in Franklin last weekend.

Convincing my husband to battle the traffic a little while longer to stop for groceries, took some serious effort. So as Brody and Neill silently protested by “waiting in the car,” Zoe and I went inside, thrilled to be one of the cool kids.

And in case you’ve been wondering, yes, all the cool people do hang out at Whole Foods. And low and behold they all look just like my sister-in-law with their carefree, fabulous hair styles, hipster clothing and personal shopping bags. The cool kids don’t do plastic or brown bags, unless it’s their own!

Cart in hand we started to strut the catwalk with them.

Aisle after aisle we were in awe of all the healthy offerings. Artisan breads, fresh cut flowers, local home grown vegetables, make it yourself granola bars, salad bars, juice bars… it was like my sister-in-law’s pantry on steroids.

After filling our cart with pomegranate seeds, organic kale, meyer lemonade and making our own personal bags of coconut infused granola, we got down to business.

We searched and searched for the basics – Velveeta, Ro-tel, tortilla chips, Sprite, Mac and Cheese and Toll House cookies. After circling and circling and circling, we finally figured out that Whole Foods doesn’t carry the basics.

Don’t get me wrong, instead of tortilla chips we could’ve purchased veggie chips and instead of Sprite we could’ve purchased all natural soda, but then again had we done so, instead of riding home with my husband and son, we would’ve had to take an Uber home.

Giving it one more shot, we broke down and finally asked someone, and I kid you not, they don’t carry any of these products… which isn’t cool at all.

On the way home, therefore, I happily stopped at Al’s Foodland to finish my grocery shopping. Aisle after aisle, I was greeted with friendly faces, frozen pizzas and artificially flavored everything!

And while “all natural” is all the rage, take it from me, the grass isn’t any greener on the other side of the tracks. In fact, it’s not green at all.

And do you know why? Because they don’t use any chemicals, not even a few…

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