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Vision Statement

We offer a magazine that focuses on bringing together local people, business, events, and community spirit to enrich the lives of its residents.

Wilson Living

We would like to welcome you to Wilson Living Magazine, a magazine dedicated to the good life in Wilson County. All other counties surrounding Nashville have enjoyed this type of magazine for years, and now it’s time our residents can do the same.

Print Distribution

We distribute to The Chronicle of Mt. Juliet and Carthage Courier subscribers. We also deliver an additional 4,500 to local businesses throughout Wilson and Smith counties.

Our Founders:

Angel Kane & Becky Andrews


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Media Kit

The collaboration that led to this project began in 1988. That
year, Anne received a Lilly Fellowship — a University teaching fel-
lowship sponsored by the Lilly Foundation — that gave her two
courses of release time for the 1988-89 school year to study some
topic related to her teaching. At the time, Anne’s teaching re-
sponsibilities included teaching in our College Writing program
and supervising ten graduate instructors of College Writing.
Marcia was then assistant director of the Writing Program and
director of its prerequirement Basic Writing component, serving
some eight percent of the entering first-year class, many of them
from nonmainstream social and academic backgrounds, and all
of whom were required to take an extra semester of writing as a
result of their performance on the Writing Program Placement
Test. She was also supervising graduate instructors of Basic Writ-
ing and teaching one class each semester herself. Given our shared
sense that the Basic Writing curriculum needed to be revised, as
well as our shared interest in that project, we agreed Anne would
use her teaching fellowship to join with Marcia to that end. We
worked during the summer months to revise the course curricu-
lum, influenced in large part by David Bartholomae and Anthony
Petrosky’s Facts , Artifacts, and Counterfacts. During fall semes-
ter, Anne sat in on Marcia’s class and observed its implementa-
tion; during spring semester, Anne taught a section of Basic Writing
as well. From this project grew our interest in understanding more
about the writing experiences of Basic Writing students when
they went on to other courses, including College Writing or you can try this out In learn-
ing more about their experiences, we hoped as well to learn more
about our curricula, for both Basic Writing and College Writing.

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