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Prom to RememberSo, you’ve finally mustered the courage to ask a girl to be your date to this year’s prom, and she said yes. Phew! Now all you have to do is throw on a tux, pick up the girl, bust some moves on the dance floor and make some lasting memories, right? Wrong. Unfortunately guys, we have to accept that a whole lot of planning goes into that one night which seems to be a defining factor of our high school era. Many things need to be done in preparation for this special evening, some of which include choosing a tuxedo to match her dress, picking a corsage, deciphering what a corsage is, planning the transportation, the list goes on. In the following paragraphs we will explore the avenues to a successful prom night for you and your special girl.


One thing that needs to be accomplished well ahead of time is choosing your tuxedo style and getting measured for that perfect fit. It may not seem like a big deal to us guys, but for the young lady you will escort, getting dressed up, looking lovely and being perfectly matched to her date are important. Once the dress is chosen, bring a good picture or extra piece of fabric from the dress when you are choosing the colors of your tux.


Finding a corsage and a boutonniere (in case you’re wondering those are the flowery accessories worn on the girls’ wrists and the guys’ jacket, respectively) is something that you will want to discuss with your date. Once chosen, the corsage will need to be arranged by the florist, and a time will be set for you to pick it up on the day of prom.


No matter how much you hate having your picture taken, you’re going to have to buckle down and smile quite a lot on the day of prom. Some schools provide a photographer at the prom from which you can order pictures, and maybe you’ll get away with just posing for those. More than likely, though, you, your date and possibly your group of friends will meet at a chosen place beforehand to take your own pictures.


Whether you’re riding to prom with just your date or with a group a friends, make sure you know who’s driving and what vehicle you’re taking. Often, a group of friends will rent a limousine for the night to take them to prom in style, usually sharing the cost. If that’s something your group has planned, make sure someone is actually organizing it, and it’s not just a bunch of talk; because, believe me, that could get messy.


If the prom you’re attending will not be providing dinner, then you need to decide on a restaurant and make reservations well ahead of time. Guys, make it somewhere fancy – your favorite mom and pop country store may have really good fried chicken, but I think your special lady may be looking for something a little more classy. Once you’ve chosen a restaurant, be sure to make reservations at least two weeks in advance.


There will be many di‹fferent things that you and your date can do after the official prom is over. Some people will throw parties, some people will have a night on the town somewhere nearby, and some people may just end the night and go home. Discuss with your friends what they’ll be doing afterward and decide with your date what the two of you will do.


The Big Day has finally arrived. Make absolutely sure that you have everything you need. When you pick up your date, make sure you are very polite and speak to her parents; they trust you to take care of her while the two of you are out, so don’t make them worry.

From this point forward you will probably be assaulted with camera flashes more times than you can count. If you’re meeting friends, make sure to arrive on time so that you don’t delay anyone else’s plans. And most importantly don’t stress about the night, just make sure you and your date have an enjoyable evening. Prom will be an event that you will look back on for the rest of your life, so be sure to have fun making those special memories.

Gabe Farmer is a Freshman at Union University majoring in Journalism. Gabe is a native of Lebanon.

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