Wilson Living Magazine - Brady family home and gardens

Wilson Living Magazine - Brady family home and gardens

Photos by AMY RICH

One of the benefits of my job is getting to meet new and interesting people. A few months ago, Angel and I received an email encouraging us to photograph the home of local couple, Dr. Stan and Tina Brady. The email went on to describe the beautiful decorations and attention to detail. The writer assured us that we would not be disappointed.

Wilson Living Magazine - Mirror took eight me to hangWe were intrigued and soon I introduced myself to Tina Brady through what else? Facebook, of course. I perused photos of the Brady home and the email didn’t lie, the home and the family in it; both breathtaking. We asked the Brady’s if they would allow Wilson Living Magazine into their home and they graciously accepted.

It wasn’t long after arriving to photograph their home and family that I realized the family residing inside was what gave this home its sparkle.

When Dr. Stan and Tina Brady married more than 25 years ago they were like many young couples living on a lean budget and coming up with inventive ways to make ramen noodles edible. Stan was completing his last two years of dental school and Tina was working as a dental assistant when they moved into their first home. The stark rooms and bare walls begged for a makeover but spending money on decorating was not a priority.Wilson Living Magazine - Dining room

So Tina did what she does best, she improvised. “I picked Wisteria blooms off a nearby tree, tied it together with ribbon and hung it on the wall. It didn’t cost much but it really made the room feel warm.” From those Wisteria blooms Tina discovered she might have a knack for designing.

Soon Tina discovered the holy grail of decorating on a dime store budget; Goodwill and thrift stores. “I would bring an old piece of furniture or accessory home, clean it, paint it, and then add it to something I already owned. It created a totally different look and made our house a home.” Her passion for art and decorating soon spilled into decorating professionally. Her projects include everything from a single room floor design to most recently, a condominium in San Destin, Florida, and a penthouse in Downtown Nashville.

When you enter the Brady home, rich colors create a warm atmosphere. From custom draperies to intricate draw pulls in the cabinetry, Tina designed it all. Walls throughout the home are accented with a collection; of eclectic art and her most prized art collection, family portraits can be found in every room. The love that this family has for animals can be found everywhere, too. From a detailed sketch of a lion in the family room to a makeshift animal room that houses the family’s pet birds, chinchillas, sugar glider and ball python, it’s clear that these pets bring special character to the Brady home.

Wilson Living Magazine - The Brady's colorful yardIf you need tips on how to decorate, Tina recommends letting your personality guide you. “I love color. You shouldn’t be afraid of it. You will be amazed at how much a splash of color can add to the feeling of the room. Color can set the mood.”

Originally from West Tennessee, Stan and Tina moved to Lebanon in 1988 where Stan began his dental practice. Two years after moving, the Brady’s welcomed their oldest child, Rush, now 20 years old and beginning his junior year at Rhodes College in Memphis. While they were busy raising Rush and building a busy dental practice, Tina found a home that peaked her curiosity.

The home, situated on 1 ½ acres on the west side of Lebanon wasn’t finished but Tina saw potential in the French Country style home. “It’s been a work in progress. We have added and remodeled rooms. It’s been a lot of fun.”

Tina also loves the homes proximity to the stables that house her horses. An avid equestrian, Tina owns 6 horses and enjoys riding with her youngest child, 13 year old Mia who attends Harpeth Hall.Wilson Living Magazine - 13 year old Mia's room

“This is something we can do together and that time is so special to me. Before we know it she’ll be off to college so I’m making the most of this mother/daughter time right now.” While all of her horses have a special place in the heart of their owner, one in particular has a story like no other. His name is Kaiser. The colt was born on what would have been her mother’s 81st birthday. Kaiser was her mother’s maiden name.

When asked what they love about Wilson County Stan was quick to respond, “This area is just a fantastic place to raise a family. The people here are very down to earth. You just don’t see a lot of pretension and that’s so refreshing.”

When Wilson Living tours a home, readers get to know a family that you might not otherwise meet. And many times after meeting the family, we all realize that the décor is not what gives the home its true beauty but the family that lives inside. That’s what we discovered about the Bradys and that’s why we’re glad they love to call Wilson County home.

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