A Holiday Home

WLM - Bill & Carol Dotson's home

Christmas might be nearly two months away but that doesn’t stop Wilson County natives, Bill and Carol Dotson, from decking their home out in preparation for a visit from Santa.

Carol Dotson has been adding to her incredible holiday décor for years. That décor includes five Christmas trees throughout her WLM -Holiday Homehome, the largest being 12 feet tall. And each tree has its own theme or color scheme.

One thing the trees share in common, is attention to detail. Carol loves to change things up especially when it comes to decorating for the holidays. “I love to add greenery. It always seems to balance out whatever changes I make. If you’re at all concerned with the way a particular display appears, add something green. It always works.” Carol says with a laugh.

Married for 31 years, the Dotsons built their dream home in 2004. When they moved in Carol began the task of creating a warm environment for her and Bill and their two grown children, when they visit. For most of us, this would feel like a grueling job but not Carol who says, “I love to decorate. Especially for the holidays and I usually start before Halloween. We spend a lot of time at home and I want to make this a haven for my family. I want my children especially to feel that when they visit.”WLM - Holiday Home Kitchen

Not much can slow Carol down when it comes to Christmas decorating except for a new little edition. In September the Dotson’s family expanded when their first grandchild, Calloway, was born. When I met with Carol a few weeks after Calloway’s birth, she was already planning her next big project. “In the middle of decorating trees and centerpieces, I’m now busy trying to get Calloway’s room ready. It’s such a sweet time. Babies add excitement to everything especially the holidays.”

WLM - Holiday Home Dining roomWhile Carol has a knack for decorating, she still relies on close friend and interior designer, Lavonna Hodge, to help create the look she wants each year. Carol says that when it comes to Christmas, don’t be afraid to show your personality. And don’t hesitate to use more than one tree. “Wait until after the holidays and pick up a new tree for next year. Use those trees as a way to showcase the personality of each family member. That’s always a fun way to get the kids involved too. Each tree will turn out to be their very own work of art.”

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